Barack Obama Gives New Meaning To “Idiot Box”

It’s the Hope & Change Network.  All Obama, All The Time 24/7.  The same two minute loop running over and over and over again and again.  One can only imagine the mindless schmuck that would tune into this channel and two minutes?  Isn’t that the average attention span of the citizens of Obamanation? 

It’s really a boob on the tube!

But Dish TV has a message to it’s viewers…..

From Michelle Malkin:

“DISH Network Channel 73 is paid advertising by the Obama campaign and is not an endorsement of Senator Obama by DISH Network. DISH Network made the same offer to the McCain campaign, an offer that remains open.”

Let me know if you have any questions!


Parker C. McConachie
Manager, Corporate Communications
DISH Network L.L.C.

A friend of mine who is Christian stated it should be on channel 666, instead of HBO, it’s BHO!  I personally think that Liberalism has evolved into Obamaism…Even creepier and marxist as before, with added  entitlements.

Just add this channel to all the other TV networks owned by Obama…CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, & MTV.

3 responses to “Barack Obama Gives New Meaning To “Idiot Box”

  1. Why does the American liberal Jew’s still keep supporting Obama? That may become the question of the ages. McCain may appear a little weak, but he –US–have Sarah. A person I believe, really believe has been brought forward by “GOD’, to save
    this country. Unless of course the voters are to stupid to realize the threat that Obama is to this country and the freedom that we may easily lose under Obama. The campaign is still not over. Despite the polls, we the people are the finally poll. Especially those of us who still loyal to the LIVEIN GOD>

  2. I am definitely against Obama and for several year I have decided to cast my vote for the person that I had the least against and this year that would be McCain unless I wanted to throw my vote away as some voters do and vote independent. . I believe the Mexican immigrants in California are passing up a chance of a life time by not giving Senator McCain their full support. California has 23 percent Latino Voters and if 23 percent of the Latinos voted for McCain they would be the most powerful block of voters in the United States.

  3. All of you need to stop bashing Obama… He is simply doing what he promised! He promised to be the President of change, and when he’s done, that’s we’ll have! We’ll all have change in our pockets.

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