Lipstick On A Pig…Nevermind, It’s Just Barney Frank!

Well, they up and did it!  Congress passed a Pork Barrel Bail Out that rewards stupid people for making bad decisions, and we get to pay for it…All courtesy of Barack Obama, Barney Frank and the Dumbocratic Party.  Much like most of Barney Frank’s boyfriends, he screwed us without so much as a kiss.  (Thank G-d)

From Michelle Malkin:

They put a gun to our heads. They ate Crap Sandwich 2.0. Washington’s pork-stuffed panic mob forked over $700billion/$850billion/$1 trillion-plus of our money over to the Chicken Littles, who handed it over to Foxy Loxy at the Treasury Department.

Last night though, I was surprised to see Bill O’Reilly strap on his nuts and take Congressman Barney Frank (D) to task for his part in all this mess.  Granted it turned into quite a shouting match, I only wish O’Reilly had given Obama the same treatment when he interviewed him.

Here’s the video of the Fannie Whoopin O’Reilly gave Barney Frank….(Frank probably enjoyed it)

2 responses to “Lipstick On A Pig…Nevermind, It’s Just Barney Frank!

  1. Shabbat Shalom to you Rogue Jew! And here I thought I was the ONLY one of us Hebes whose head was screwed on right. I LOVED watching O’Reilly take it to Barney (my boy lollypop) Frank. I don’t always like the pompous schmuck, but he got it right in this interview!


  2. Good morning to you and thank you for such a nice site!
    Now that the US of A has become the world’s largest welfare state to a tune of a Trillion dollars in corporate largesse I suppose there never be a bill to pay? I know, I know, the treasury department might make a fortune holding on to the debt instruments and selling them later….since when does the government force mortgage holders to cough up the dough and not ‘forgive’ the debts? We kiss away billions in loans to the world bank, why not voters?
    Or take a different approach, what is the Feds get serious about collecting the debts, would it be a federal crime to not pay the government which is holding your note? Using the IRS as a model for friendly customer relations might make the ‘evil’ subprime lender appear rather heavenly in comparison.

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