Sarah Palin Spanked Biden’s Fannie

I know the schmucks at MSNBC who have been slurping at the Fountain of O are refering to Palin as a “Dolt” for looking into the camera, but I thought she kicked ass last night. 

She missed some key opportunities to really show what a putz Biden really is, but overall she did great.  I really appreciated the way she refered to Obama’s tax raises as redistribution of wealth, and the fact that small businesses would be the ones hurt the most under Obama’s tax increases.  What really iced the cake for me is Gov. Palins comment about the mainstream media’s bias toward the chosen one, Barack “The Messsiah” Obama.

I think the key issues she had missed opportunity on was the Biden gaffe of him not knowing the differnce between the West Bank and Gaza and his total fabrication of Bush letting the Islamic Terror group of Hizbollah into Beiruit, Lebanon.  He must of pulled that nonsense out of his ass because nothing he said made any sense and was not based on any fact.

She also should have made statements about Obama’s connections to Rezko & Ayers and of course the role Obama played in the current Financial boondoggle.

As for Chris Matthews, I think that Palin’s performance last night, turned that tingle up his leg into a warm wet trickle down it.  Matthews’ only way to cover up her outstanding performance and still goose step inline with Mein Furor Obama is to lie, cheat, and steal all the way too November 4th.

I wanted to bitch slap Biden when he started that fake ass Hillary BS of crying in front of the camera.  Did Bill Clinton teach him how to do that?  And I kept waiting and hoping that Biden would ask Ifill to stand up.  That would have been hilarious beyond anything else.

Kippah Tip to Michelle Malkin

2 responses to “Sarah Palin Spanked Biden’s Fannie

  1. Right on, my Mensch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sen. Biden reminds me of Sen. Geary of Nevada in Godfather II:

    “Pat!…eh, Kay, stand-up!!!”

    “Mr. Cor-LEON!”

  2. What was really telling was how Biden looked like he really wanted to hang out with Sarah afterward.
    Guess he couldn’t help himself. Hey, like it or not, the woman is powerful and magnetic.

    As far as Chris Mathews goes, he is sowing all the wrong seed. He acts childish. Maybe he really lacks any significant insight into human nature. If it doesn’t smell and act like him and his camp, he doesn’t think it’s legitimate. Somebody tell that suffering soul that the wind blows where it will. And without any help from him.

    Sarah Palin has an anointing on her. You can’t tamper with that sort of thing. So, Joe and Chris,
    get a grip. Your time is over.

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