Free Speech Prevails: Banned SNL Skit Back Online!

NBC out of fear of retaliation from Obama’s Puppetmaster George Soros sent the online video of this skit down the memory hole, but alas, fear not another copy has shown up online courtesy of Pat Dollard who chanllanges opponents of free speech to “Yank this bitches”!

CLICK HERE to view the video.

Michelle Malkin has the entire transcript of the skit posted on her website and has additional comment HERE.

A big thank you to those who kept this video alive and available!

I found the video on YouTube. It’s up for now till the Obamedia and Obama’s Brownshirts manage to get it yanked.

9 responses to “Free Speech Prevails: Banned SNL Skit Back Online!

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  3. See my huge & growing post on O_bomb_a. Ever since merely hearing the name Barack O_bomb_a,
    I have been scouring for info on this person.Then to find out his middle name is Hussein and he is of Muslim descent. WOW. Be sure to read “Haunted By Dream”. I have been praying & fasting that he doesn’t get in the White House. If he does we are all doomed.He has already done so much damage. He should be exiled.

  4. Violence isn’t always evil. What’s evil is the infatuation with violence.JamesDouglasMorrisonJames Douglas Morrison, lead singer of The Doors

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