Muhammad’s Rogue Gallery

The Religion of Blown to Peices has assembled a list of members of the media who they have labled “Smearcasters” and are dubbed “Islamophobia’s Dirty Dozen.”

There are some heavy hitters have been named to this Rogues Gallery.  Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and Michael Savage to name a few.

From Michelle Malkin:

The terror apologists at FAIR (fellow travelers with CAIR) have published a report on “smearcasters” whom they have dubbed “Islamophobia’s Dirty Dozen.”

Yes, I made the list — along with many other outspoken critics whom I’ve learned much from and greatly admire. I consider it a Badge of Honor. Here’s one of my quotes on this blog that FAIR singled out as hateful:

I stopped using the terms “Islamic fascist” and “Islamofascism” a while ago…because they obscure rather than clarify. The views held by the Muslim jihadis who want to destroy us are not marginal views held only by a minority of “Islamic fascists.”

I am jealous that I’m just a small time blogger that was unable to make the list.  Lord knows I have made an effort to make such a list.  Maybe someday.

Here is the official spokesman for Islamic Outrage:

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