Message To Barack Obama: Fuck You!


***Warning*** Intended for Mature Audiences Only. May contain adult language and sexual references.  Reader Discretion is Advised!
“I’m The Rogue Jew and I approve of this message!”
You know something? I’m pissed right the fuck off tonight.  I am sick and fucking tired of being told what I can and cannot say about this schmuck running for President.  The egomaniacal messiah of the Democratic Party.  The Media have spent more time investigating a fucking plumber then they have that Prick Obama.  G-d forbid you speak out against Obama.  After what some people have seen what the MSM did to Joe the Plumber, they are now afraid to come out of hiding to speak the truth about Obama’s relationship with Ayers the Terrorist.

Fuck em!  Obama, Biden, Dean, Billary Clinton, and all the rest of the Kool Aid drinking cult of assholes can line up and kiss my fat hairy ass. Tonight I am so fucking pissed off I can hardly breath.  McCain, where is the Maverick?  Why are you not kicking Obama’s ass back to the turd world country he came back here from?  Quit being such a nice guy.  My past experience tells me nice guys finish last and assholes finish with time to spare.  Time to strap your nuts on and spend this last two weeks pounding Obama’s punk ass into a puddle of piss, shit, snot and blood, and if the bitch gets back up, then put him back on the mat.  

Who gives a flying fuck what the MSM says.  I know, I know…They’ll say your a racist….They are going to say that anyway.  That’s the only thing he’s got to run on.  I could give two shits what race he is, who the fuck cares, white, black, yellow, purple….From where I sit, his color is Commie Fucking Red and that’s the only color I see in this election.  I’m a Jew and I did’nt vote for that liberal Prick Lieberman when he ran with dumbass Al Gore, so race or religion doesn’t mean squat shit to me when it comes to choosing a leader.  I want someone with some big fucking balls and an itchy trigger finger who falls asleep at night with his fucking finger on the button.
You get the message.....

You get the message.....

I know what your all saying…Why the foul language?  I’m sick to fucking death of the hopey changey nicey nice crap.  I gave blood, sweat, and snot to the Michigan of Dept of Corrections for over ten years.  I graduated with a PhD in four letter words.  The word “Fuck” was used as a comma in most cases.  I haven’t gone off on a four letter rant in so long it really feels good to get it off my chest.  So I figure before the Feuhrer goes off and makes it illegal to use his name in vain, I figureed I’d give that Penis with Ears a good verbal fist fuck for him and his cult of schmucks to remember me by while their slurping the koolaid he pisses forth unto the masses.
I personally wish they’d take Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean. Tie all of them pricks to their chairs and make em stare at Helen Thomas till that bitch uglies that whole bunch to death!
On that happy note, I think I’m going to go to bed now.  I will need all the sleep I can get to pay for Obama to spread my wealth around and hand over my hard earned dollars to the baby making cum guzzeling crack whores and their pimps/dealer……Fuck, I’m tired!
We are so fucked!

We are so fucked!

This message has been brought to you by the letter Fuck and the number You!

28 responses to “Message To Barack Obama: Fuck You!

  1. Please, may I join you in a hearty fuck you to the fucking blue gum fucker? With those big ears and all those fucking big teeth, he fucking reminds me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.

  2. Could I have permission to put set this to music? That was absoposilutely fucking lyrical!!

    In fact if I were a religious fucking nut bag, I would now consider converting to Judaism!!

    Rogues 1 – Mavericks (yet to come to bat)

    Thanks, I need that

  3. Hello The Rogue Jew. I stand with you and America and Israel. I am one of those religous nut bags (don’t worry, Grey Dog, I still luv ya, lol), and I’ve learned how to read over the cuss words. Hey, if something is written and the language bothers someone, they shouldn’t be reading it! Geez. When are they going to grow up? Oh, when the big ‘O’ becomes their daddy? NOT!

    Really good message, long time coming, and you feel free to express yourself anyway you choose. This is still America…for at least 2 more weeks…

  4. I thought I had gotten a good education in the USN with regards to the F-bomb, but I bow to a master!
    This coming from a guy who said “WTF” at the preacher’s house…

  5. As a retired Navy Senior Chief, I’d just like to say Out-Fucking-Standing!

    If things go the way I fear they will in a couple of weeks, this Country is so fucked, it makes me want to weep.

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  7. Thank you, Rogue Jew, for saying everything I was thinking. The feverishness with which people respond to The Messiah is a cross between lovestruck groupies and religious nutjobs who talk in tongues. It is seriously scary. People actually think this socialist scumbag has divine powers.

  8. After reading an outstanding rant like that may I just add a “Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck, McFuck!” to that?

  9. I am a jew,and I fkn loved your rant.I was an LEO for 26 years and I too use a ‘bit’ of profane language !.You rock bro – go get um my brother yid !!.

  10. Outstanding rogue Jew, you are the best, that floppy eared half white and god knows what else, will destroy whats left of Our Country if elected. Mc Cain needs to get off his duff and get rolling. I have nightmares about that turkey necked smuck being in charge of America. He is more suited for Pimping on Hollywood Blvd. What a slimmy socialist. Kck Ass Rogue Jew… Big K. Speaks Out

  11. The substance was dead on right and well received…we’re all ticked off to the max…….Im not a Jew…Im not a rogue….I’m just a patriotic american who is sick and tired of the garbage the socialists puke up. I have no idea how this arrogant, shadowy, and extremely ignorant individual got where he has, but it says more about the citizens of this country than it does about him when he can get voted onto a Presidential ticket with all the crime he has tied to his tail. Anyway…not that I don’t agree with what you have to say, I just think a lot of what you had to say was watered down by the language you used to express it.

  12. Deb,
    Unfortunately all the hopey changey nicey nice shit has been used. I am sick of the Obamabot accusing anyone who disagrees with their messiah of racism. I’m pissed. I needed to vent and express myself in a creative way. Consider this blog my canvas and my words of wisdom, four letter and otherwise my medium. I have held back for so long, I just said what others may be to reserved to say. I make no apologies for my choice of words, I would feel worse if I had said nothing. This is afterall, still America for right now. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. cat’s ass, rat’s ass, dirty old twat
    69 douche bags tied in a knot
    cock suck, motherfuck, dick lick too
    I’m a us serviceman, who the fuck are you?

  14. Right the Fuck on! Here in Texas we have been a bit ashamed of W, but we are still loading our guns and getting more. If the Obamabots decide they want to take the guns away, we will blow their fucking ears off–not much of a challenge with Barack.

  15. I am afraid we are gonna lose this one,and boy thats gonna be a bitter bullet to swallw [ to mix metaphors ] .But we can all say to a man & woman – we tried to tell ya,gotta admit ” I told ya so ” is still fun.But R.J. ya gotta stop holding back and tell it like it is.Never mind the language police – go for it bro !.

  16. ” I want someone with some big fucking balls and an itchy trigger finger who falls asleep at night with his fucking finger on the button.”

    R.J., These are words that will be on the new flag.

    I’m not a Jew, but my Savior is!

  17. Well….That was very…Uhhhhh………YAY!!!! Im not saying we gotta say that hes a pimp and all but well… He looks like…well…A pimp O_O…….also dumbo ^_^!!!!

  18. america is about to fucked up so soon. and im retty sure about this shit.hoever,barak opama has been tryig his best to fucken help the economy but i think his luck is not that good..
    right ma man?

  19. Everybody; I must admit, I think that I am totally in LOVE with Michelle Malkin. But as for many women; I do not think that I will ever even see her GORGEOUS face to face. Which is probably a good thing considering that she is more than likely happily married with beautiful children. Now having said that; Mr. or Mrs. “Moo”; you might want to study your English a little more, and for GOD’s sake; why all the profanity, do you kiss your Mother with that mouth??? I sincerely hope not. And on the subject of barak “O”bumber; number one, what is a barak? Is not that some type of alien on Star Trek? Number two, I also know for a FACT’ that mr. “O”bumber is intentionally subverting the whole United States for the purpose of his nifty agenda.
    Which I know consists of a certain central American Union; and with, you guessed it: Canada and Mexico. Why else do you think he’s trying, and doing a swell job of it, totally raping the Dollar Bill till its worth less than the paper its printed on???? I’m suprised its not worth that already. Why do you think he’s not too worried about unauthorized illegal aliens just a rapin and a pilligin. They also have the name of the new currency, I cannot remember for the life of me what it was called, kind of sounds like the Euro I believe. I probably will be killed for saying that, but in CHRIST; i will live FOR EVER, for it is in HIM alone where my TRUST lies. I only wish I could meet Michelle Malkin before my death; I LOVE her ya know. ~Jacob

  20. And I guess soon, if The LORD Wills; we haft to watch out for the progressive Hillary Clinton. Who has hinted many times of her progressive outlooks, this is not something to ignore. We got the first Oreo president, “Oh”, its probably time for the first woman prez as well. And speaking hypothetically, these first timers are sure not setting an example for future first timers, in fact it may be a while before America votes in a non-white, male, Republican, president again. But again, what a fool I am; thinking that the American people have learned their lesson. They will probably give “O”bumber a second chance. They will probably feel guilty about the first half-black president and give him another shot. But by then, he will probably figure out how to become the first American dictator. I feel American people are very uneducated these days. But in fact they are more educated than the past generations. I am an American, and I have just come to the conclusion that, the majority of Americans are complete idiots. Wow, then whose the idiot then. But I will more than likely be the only one to admit it, considering we life in a land of brown-nose’rs. Tell me; am I wrong??? ~Jacob

  21. you cock sucking whore ur a racist religious bastard who doesnt care about any one or the country they just wana c a republican in power cuz ur a fuckin red neck who pronounces nuclear like that fuckin cunt george bush (nuculare?!?!?!) FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!

  22. I wish someone would ask “o”bumber where the man in the yellow hat is. That IDIOT is the exact carnal image of curious George….

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