Detroit Pizzeria Offers Law Breakers Meal Deal

Some say a Detroit area restaurant’s tempting offer is nothing but a dirty campaign trick. A local pizzeria is offering free pizza in exchange for some campaign signs. FOX News Detroit explains how that offer may have prompted some hungry bargain hunters to break the law.

This is more of the “In your face” Brownshirt type politics of the disciples of the Obamafuehrer.

From Michelle Malkin:

More “in-your-face” and “in-your-lawn” politics from the followers of Barack Obama:

Is the name of the pizza place, “Thugshizzle’s Pizza Slut”?  Did someone give Kwame Kilpatrick a new job while my back was turned?  Is that deal good for thick crust and how many toppings are we limited to and is double cheese included? 

I personally think that if there are any Waffle Houses in Detroit, they should offer free waffles in exchange for an Obama sign.  What’s good for the marxist is good for the capitolist afterall.

On a more serious note, I’m waiting for the followers of Obama to begin burning the RNC HQ  in every state and demanding that the Republicans pay the fire dept’s back for their time and troubles.  I fear soon under an Obama administration, we will see our own “Night of Broken Glass” with our freedom of speech diminished by the Chosen One.

2 responses to “Detroit Pizzeria Offers Law Breakers Meal Deal

  1. The Second War of American Independence has begun….. with death threats (“resign or else”), assaults on the streets of new York, and gunfire from Socialist-Communist-Democrat apparatchiks against American citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

    It is war, and there can be only one winner. Either we have the resolve to kill this cancer, or we will certainly die from it.

  2. So what is the NAME of this pizza place?? We need to hammer their phones with calls asking why they did this, if they get enough calls they’ll lose LOT of business.

    As it should be.

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