Wanna Scare The Crap Out Of Your Kids This Halloween?

We don’t celebrate Halloween in our house, but if you really wanna scare the crap out of your kids this year, I know this one lit up would leave a pile in my drawers.

From Michelle Malkin:

Jack o lantern Michelle Obama.


Boo mutha f*&#r

Boo mutha f*&#r

Now that’s a bad mutha…….I know, “shut my mouf”.  I think we should from here out, refer to Michelle Obama as “Punkin Head”.

She looks alive, doesn’t she?  I wouldn’t want her husband the “Brainless Horseman” to throw that at me on a bridge in the dark!

Under an Obama presidency, kids won’t have to wait till Halloween to go out begging for candy anymore.  The Gubment will provide anything and everything thanks to the redistribution of wealth.  Take from those who work, and give to those who don’t want to work.  

I may just dress up for Halloween this year…..Trick or treat this biotches…….


Trick or Treat this....

Trick or Treat this....

One response to “Wanna Scare The Crap Out Of Your Kids This Halloween?

  1. that is one ugly pumpkin,obamas judgement is pretty bad when it comes to women.oprah his other pick will scare the hell out of you also.i will take a pig with lipstick anyday………happy birthday michelle malkin now you are one beautiful women.you also have wisdom beyond your years

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