Congressional Schmuck John Conyers Moves To Protect Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt

Congressional Schmuck John Conyers is calling for an investigation into who, what or why the immigration information of the Obamessiah’s aunt was leaked to the press while American Citizen Joe the plumber is left to sit with his ass in the wind to be phist phucked by the liberal media about anything and everything he’s ever said or done.

From Michelle Malkin:

I predicted the totally predictable last night. And so it has come to pass: The left-wing fairweather friends of privacy are all over the leak of Aunti Zeituni’s immigration info — while Joe The Plumber remainspersona non grata. Democrat Rep. John Conyers has already called for a federal investigation. The WaPo is already up with an A-section story on the anonymous leak. And the liberal blogs are up in arms.

The MSM abhor anonymous leaks — unless they’re helping to undermine Bush administration anti-terrorism programs or conservative causes and candidates.

Laughably, the Obama cultists suspect that Bush administration officials are in cahoots with the McCain campaign and the Associated Press.

Unfortunately, Michigan lays claim to four of the biggest schmucks in politics.  Debbie Staben-hoe cannot keep her husband happy, Levin is always at standbye with the white flag of surrender, Jennifer Granholm is busy bankrupting Michigan and driving away businesses and Conyers likes to cozy up to the radical Islamofacists of Dearbonistan in between launching impeachment hearings and using Justice Dept Brownshirts to investigate American citizens instead of the terrorist sympathizers he endears himself to.

In John Conyers’ eyes, an illegal alien who supports a facist re-distributor of wealth Democrat has more rights then an American citizen named Joe the Plumber who supports a Republican.  If Obama gets elected, the investigations into anyone who thinks he and Obama are worthless schmucks will dry up all of the Federal Law Enforcement resources so that Islamofacist Terrorists hell bent on the destruction of America will get a free pass.

I’ve noticed how well Obama takes care of his own family, one can only imagine well he’ll take care of America.  The whole nation under Obama will resemble the slums of Chicago after 4 yrs.

3 responses to “Congressional Schmuck John Conyers Moves To Protect Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt

  1. Obama is a Gentlemen; there is no reason to state that the unarmed civilian security guards in Philadelphia did not act like Gentlemen also, following the lead of Obama. Even if some were Black Panthers, there is no proof that they did not act professioally; Black Panthers have their day jobs to, where they act professionally. If they were Black Panthers, Black Panthers are communists who are hereitical Jews, who believe in all of the Ancient Hebrew Bible, except that they lean towards Atheism, as do that 96% ot today’s seminaries who teach the Imperial German Propaganda Thesis, the Graf Wellhousen Theseis as true. But there is no proff that any of the civilian security guards are BlackPanthers, except your unverified assertion, made out of your imagination’s fiction. I do know that there are many Mafia Elements in Philly, on the Publican Payroll, who would jump at the chance to disrupt unprotected poling places. In Florida’s 2000 election, Jeb Bush, hired Jacksonville/Duval County Florida, Heavily Armed Deputy Sheriffs to block and disrupt the polling places. Obama, in addition to being a Gentlemen, is very Pragmatic. Have you folks been Tithing the Government, namely Social Security? Failure to do so, and the Rich lavishing Social Security Trust Funds on themselves, was why, when The Ten Tribes Northern Kingdom’s Upper Class, stole the Tithes which were supposed to prevent the poor from freezing and starving and today, from dying of disease and medical conditions; and spent the Tithes on their own luxeries, God sent the Assyrians who led the Ten Tribes Upper Class off, and scattered them over the mountainous regions of the Assyrian Empire, and they have not came home even today, not even Jesus was eable to remove them from Gods Wrath. They were led off with fishhooks through their upper lips. Amos warned them; they would not listen. God replaced the abusive rich, with the Good Samaritans. All you have written is Slander like Baalam of Peor, in the book of Numbers was h ired to use to raise up all the peoples West of the Euphrates to come an Lynch God’s People, Moses Israelites. Read what eventually happened to Baalam (not a personal name, means a priest of Baal; your clergyman must be one of these, to listen to your Blasphemous talk.) Go Read the Book of Amos before you write any more; Amos was the first prophet in time after Kind David, before the Northern Kingdom fell, in 726 BC. Amos pruned Sycomore Figs, and kept a type of drawf sheep that the Bedouin in Saudi Arabia keep, even today, and sold them to the passing Caravans between Asia and Egypt, Africa; Amos was in a perfect to know all the news of the day from everywhere in the Mid-East.The Book of Amos is the Second Most Important Book, next to Deuteronomy in the Ancient Hebrew Bible. Obama seems to have studied the 4 Great Rhetoricians of the Greek-Roman Classical World, Isocrates, Aristotle, and Cicero (who modeled himself on Aristotle) and Quintilian. The Ancient Rhetoricians believed that being and becoming a better, ethical person made one a more persuasive speaker. Aristotle, is of course, responsible for the Septuagint, which is the oldest Ancient Hebrew Bible, from which all other Bibles were taken, including the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, the Targums, and the Medieval Hebrew Bible. No Aristotle; No Septuagint. No
    Septuagint; No Ancinent Hebrew Bible Renaissance upon Judas Maccabees driving out the Selucids, and cleansing the Temple in 164 BC, on the Winter Solstice, which was the day Jesus was born as a prophet by cleansing the Temple of the money changers and animal sellers, and the day of Christmas. Jesus was born in 13 BC, and had his Bar Mitzvah when a Jewish Boy becomes a man in the year on his 13th birthday, on Yom Kipper eve, on day one, year one. In the NT, Jesus quotes Deuteronomy 57 times, and makes allusions to Deuteronomy 39 more times, for a total of 96 direct quotations and allusions to Deuteronomy, the most important book in the entire Bible. 96% of the Devinity Schools teach the Graf Wellhousen Thesis, which states that Moses did not write Deuteronomy, but priests and scribes over hundreds of years. Your clergyman must have went to one of thesse 96%, and he and you must deny Deuteronomy 6: 4-5. “The Lord your God is one God. You shall love the Lord your God, with all your Heart with all your Soul, and with all your Strength (or Might). Aristotle, like Moses believed that the Heart was the seat of the mind; and still is very important to the mind; in Jesus day, the Hellenistic Period, the brain was the seat of the Mind, so Jesus had to add the “and with all your Mind, so people could not use that belief to wiggle out of their obligations to God. The Concept of God, also expresses the Unity of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Nature and the Universe, as a Whole.

  2. No Aristotle; No Septuagint. No Septuagint; No Ancient Hebrew Bible Renaissance in Common Greek Translation upon Judas Maccabees driving out of the Seleucid Geeks of Damascus Assyria. No Ancient Hebrew Bible Renaissance in Common Greek Translation upon Judas Maccabees driving out of the Seleucid Greeks of Damascus Assyria; No Rabbis and No Jesus.

  3. Sign Stealer’s of McCains signs are not real Liberals; they are Neo-Platonists. Neo-Platonism’s basis is the Irrational Allegorical Method, which can use anything to “prove” anything else. Having abandoned rationality, Neo-Platonism, when the inevitable differences arise, must Shun, until able to launch violent surprise attacks, either Judaical as were launched against Socrates and later, Jesus; or of the Insurgent./Guerrilla Type. Real Liberals and Real Conservatives derive from Aristotle; Phony Liberals and Phony Conservatives derive from Neo-Platonism. Plato abstracted Neo-Platonism from the religion of Cannanite Baal, but used it in a very limited, controlled manner, to prevent his being indicted for impiety as was Socrates, by Athens Pagans, Euro-Baals all. The first person to use Neo-Platonism extensively in all his writings was Philo Judaeus of Alexandria, who was a contemporary of Jesus, and whose “The Works of Philo,” are available on Amazon for about 14 dollars. He lived from 30 BC to about 56 AD. All Neo-Platonists derive from Philo, or his immitator the Illiterate Plotinus, all the way down to Emmanuel Kant and his Followers, such as Nazi Germany.

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