I Voted!

I was at the polls this morning at 6:30 AM EST, the lines were already forming.  I must say, this was the most people I’ve seen this early to vote since I cast my first ballot in 1984 when I was 19 yrs old and I broke family tradition and instead of towing the UNION line, I voted for the greatest President in American history…Ronald Reagan!

From what I can see here in West Michigan, it’s going to be a busy day for election voters.

I would like to wish John McCain and Sarah Palin good luck.  You’re both in my prayers today as this country decides what direction it’s going to take.

I will try to throw in some election updates throughout the day if I can break away from work!  I did it, now the rest of you get off your asses and VOTE!

McCain * Palin 2008

McCain * Palin 2008

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