Obama’s National Security Farce Intimidating Philly Voters

The Chosen One told us he would do it and we didn’t believe him.  Voters in Philidelphia are being intimidated by club wielding Black Panther Party Members are are telling voters that one way or another, a black man is getting elected President….Hook or by crook one would guess by the Thuggish dress of Obama’s Warriors.

From Michelle Malkin:

Here’s the vid of billy club-wielding “security” guards at the 1221 Fairmount Ave. polling place in Philly from Election Journal. Just as I suspected, these guys look like NBPP from the emblem on one of the “guard’s” jackets.

Maybe this is what Barack Obama was talking about when he proposed a Civilian Security Force.

Imagine if he’s elected the kind of National Civillian Security Force he has in store for those who disagree with his Gospel and Word.  It is the Modern Day Face of Facism, the New Nazi so to say.  It is Change he promised, and this is the kind of Change we’re in store for.

Remember, these are the Civillians, a 400,000 strong Civilian National Security Force that Obama wants to fund as well as the Military and give them Assault Rifles, Grenades, Tanks, and Rocket Launchers, along with the Democrats wanting to place limits on free speech by making the fairness doctrine law and delivering the death blow to Conservative Dominated Talk Radio, we will go from being the Freedom loving United States of America, to the Facist State of the United Socialist States of AmeriKKKA.

4 responses to “Obama’s National Security Farce Intimidating Philly Voters

  1. I saw this on Fox News and one fellow in “black panther” uniform trued to get the Fox reporter and camera crew away from the polling place. It’s surreal, and very, very frightening.

  2. OK here’s the thing
    The guy in the picture @ Michelle Malkin is obviously such a pussy that by God I wish I had the money to fly out to Philly myself and beat his ass.
    Makes me want to start a Paypal account to do exactly that.
    I hate pussies that try to intimidate nice people.
    Especially NBPP pussies that try to intimidate nice people.
    Hope I didn’t offend the nice people here but you should know that pussies like that are not the ultimate aggressors in this society.

  3. Obama’s “National Security Force”, I heard about this GREAT idea on radio today. How scary is this. I knew all along Obama was going to turn this country over to the blacks, but never thought it would come to a National Civilian Security Force. Now this needs to be nipped in the bud. We have very good local and state police. I lived in Calif. back when the BPP were around and every one was afraid when they came through town. Hopefully this group isn’t supported by Obama. But I heard him say we need a “civilian security force as well as our military”. If true, God help us all!

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