Welcome To The United Socialist States Of America!


A friend of mine named Andrew posted this on his Facebook Profile.  I felt obliged to share it with all of you…


To My Fellow Americans,

First of all to the liberals – congratulations on your win fair and square. Well sort of I guess…maybe. Yet again, the population of America has successfully been goaded by the likes of NBC’s wannabe political analyst Luke “shamelessly riding on the coattails of my late father” Russert (to Matt Lauer regarding University of Virginia students on the Today Shopw “You have to remember, the smartest kids in the state go there, so it’s leaning a little bit towards Obama”) and other such highly educated individuals as Paris Hilton. Congratulations on following through and electing just who the media wanted you to vote for. What can we expect from an unbiased media that was more focused on the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe than Barack Hussein’s experience (or lack thereof), connections to the credit crisis (particularly his greatest supporters Fannie and Freddie), or ever-changing ways of avoiding the question at hand? Wait a minute did anyone outside of the conservative media minority dare to ask him or the campaign a legitimate question to begin with?

Maybe you wanted to feel like you were part of something bigger than yourself. Maybe you voted for who your friends or parents told you to. Maybe you wanted to make history. Maybe you have no real understanding of politics, the U.S. Constitution, or the idea that the benefits of someone else’s hard work and determination are not yours for the plundering. Maybe you thought it was cool to vote for Obama. Maybe you actually researched the candidates and honestly felt he was the best choice. Whatever you reasons consider that all actions have consequences and that a lack of experience usually leads to more mistakes than successes. Not much different than the idea that your mom and dad were never so keen on you borrowing the car when you turned 16.

I for one am not looking forward to watching this country slide further and further away from a democratic republic and align itself closer and closer with a socialist regime in which entitlement and handouts are the norm; while the drive to succeed and personal desire to achieve become less important to a people that have less incentive to work for anything than ever before in our nation’s history. Maybe I’ll stop going to school, working, and paying taxes. Hey why not if I do then everyone’s good buddy Barack “Robin Hood” Obama will just give me someone else’s hard earned money to support myself and my family with. The next four years will likely hold less mistakes in public address, but far more mistakes on the issues that really matter. Doesn’t anyone read Animal Farm in school anymore?

But perhaps I am wrong. Maybe it’s not your fault. Maybe the republicans did not get out to vote as they should have. Maybe the campaign was run poorly to begin with. Maybe Sarah Palin was not the right choice for the vice presidential nomination. Whatever the problem was, America has spoken and surely McCain did not have the answer. I guess I shouldn’t be so worried. After all, we have change and I guess there is always hope, but what exactly is that supposed to mean anyway? Oh I forgot, no one really bothered to find that out first. Ooops. I guess it will be okay, what can happen in four years?

4 responses to “Welcome To The United Socialist States Of America!

  1. Are you serious? Out of curiousity –
    1. What has John McCain’s experience shown other than the fact that he his willing to follow the same conservative regime we’ve had over the past eight years?
    2. Where is everyone getting this socialistic ideal? In fact, the statement, “for each according to its ability to each according to its need” is a Biblical statement, not Marxist. So why does everyone keep saying he’s a socialist?
    3. During the Industrial Revolution and most recently during the Technological Revolution, do you think if people would have said, “Oh no, we can’t continue building computers and factories because we have no EXPERIENCE in that field” that America would be the country that it is today?
    4. What exactly do you mean by understanding the Constitution? What part of the Constitution states that we should not elect Barack Obama?
    Just curious…

  2. Interesting that you should mention “Animal Farm” you seem to be anti-socialist conservative but yet you ask ”Doesn’t anyone read Animal Farm in school anymore?”. Animal Farm, a book written by George Orwell a noted Marxist and democratic socialist, is an allegory that depicts Stalinist corruption of the original socialist ideals during the Spanish Civil War. It is also a tale that illustrates how power no matter who wields can be corrupted even if it is supposed to lead to a utopian society. Remember the saying about absolute power corrupting… furthermore, Orwell had very socialist leanings and was a member (1938) of the Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification during the Spanish Civil War. This allegory also shows the danger of living in a dictatorial society, much like our own corporate purchased dictatorship. Maybe you just didn’t understand the book as thoroughly as you thought.
    Yes, my comrade people are sheep especially those that espouse opinions they really don’t seem to understand. Until there is an earth shaking change we will just keep flip-flopping between one corrupt regime and another. After all we only have two choices.
    BTW – Show me a politician (Remember Wayne Berman and John Green) that is not on the take from major players in the financial market and I’ll show you that a pig can actually fly. The term career politician should be your first indicator that there is a problem.
    P.S. I case you’re wondering I am not a promoter/supporter of either political travesty. They are the two heads of a mutant snake in the grass that will eventually be the downfall of a once great model of governance.

  3. andreinert; So true for the most part. You sound a lot like a speaker that was at the 1996 Colorado Libertarian Party Convention. One thing is certain though. Gary Nolan’s theory of political change, he said 2008 was the year, and boy did we get change…

    1 McCain followed the neo con regime. There has been no conservative regime in D.C. for quite some time.
    2 Income redistribution, tax schemes, and associations, as in birds of a feather…
    3 That statement, as it is framed makes no sense at all.
    4 His comments about several things over the past year or so leads many of us to believe that his “understanding” of the Constitution leaves a lot to be desired. That degree from Harvard in Law is nothing but lipstick on a pig as far as I am concerned. Nothing, that I am aware of in the Constitution says that he can not be elected. Although I think that it is a travesty that he has been.

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