American Express: “I cn hz a baleout?”

The Federal Reserve wants to know….What’s In Your Wallet?


Oops, wrong bank!  Anyway, are you feeling the “Change” yet?  As in, the change leaving your pocket and being redistributed to the pockets of someone, or something else?  American Express’ new motto is, “Don’t Leave Home Without Your Bailout” as they hop aboard the Obama Express leading to destinations unknown.

From Michelle Malkin:


Cha-ching. Does your wallet feel lighter?

Just across the news wire: The Federal Reserve has agreed to a request by American Express to “become bank holding company.”


This move allows American Express to secure funds from deposits, which could be cheaper than borrowing in bond markets.


“In light of the unusual and exigent circumstances affecting the financial markets … the Board has determined that emergency conditions exist that justify expeditious action on this proposal,” as stated by the Federal Reserve in their statement.

Apparently us the tax payers are becoming the Bank for corporation that wants in on the bailout which was a huge mistake to begin with.  Who’s going to bail me out when pockets are cleaned out and there is no “Change” left?  Oh that’s right, I’ll get the re-distributed scraps that the Obamessiah throws me.

4 responses to “American Express: “I cn hz a baleout?”

  1. Sure lend them the money but charge them 22% APR like they do to their poor customer.

  2. Not that it is OK but I’m a little late (two weeks)on my AmEx payment and they cut me off, stalk me and have promised to break my legs (just kidding).

    Isn’t the bailout supposed to unfreeze the the credit market?

    When do I get my bailout man?!?

  3. I found this post because I was just trying to see if these B&^#*%# got bailout money…and then I find out that WORSE YET they maneuvered to BECOME a bank so they could get a bailout!!!

    I dont know where this world is going….just seem that everything is stacked against us little people who cant afford a lobbyist and team of lawyers to bend the politicians and laws in their favor.

    First of all I’ve NEVER EVER been late a single payment with Am Ex

    These bums American Express all but killed my business. First while I was on vacation in Hawaii….they sent me an EMAIL MESSAGE telling me that my account credit line on my Platinum card had been lowered….in fact they lowered it lower than what the charges were already on my card…..(approx $3000 at the time) so I could not check out with AM EX and luckily had enough money in the bank to pay the hotel bill.

    Up until then I’ve spent 20k in a month with no problems.

    This caused us so many problems that my wife was in tears….as we tried to come up with some extra money to get home. We didnt even have money for a taxi when we got home and had to call for a relative to pick us up at the airport. It was a horrible end to a very badly needed vacation, and left us with a very grim beginning to a new reality.

    Two other emails followed that week, one for our business account AM EX Blue that we opened only 6 months before and had a line of 4k on it. They cut that one to 900$ which was less than what was owing on it. Then our other Business Am EX Gold card was cut to a $1200 limit where before we would routinely put 5k – 8 k in spending a month on it to pay for inventory.

    What these jerks really did was put me basically out of business. As a small business we relied on these cards as credit lines for business purposes. Now, I have no credit line that is usable and have to pay cash for inventory. I had to severely restrict what we carry and bare minimum stock. Emergencies? Forget about it!

    Now after nearly a year with our business so restricted I had no choice to shut down and put 4 people out of work, and my family without an income.

    FU American Express….I wil NEVER EVER use you again….you are all scum!

    These guys dont care about you or what they do to you….but they WILL take your tax money!!!

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