How Unions Killed The American Auto Industry

Having been a member of a couple of unions in my lifetime, I can speak from experience that in today’s world, they are more useless then tits on a boar hog and I’ve often believed that their greed would destroy American Manufacturing someday.

Michelle Malkin received an email this morning from someone who has worked in the auto industry and points out the difference between the big 3 and the more efficient “Foreign” auto makers.  I’ve posted a teaser and you can click on the link to read the rest.  If you think your a huge fan of unions, you might want to read this.

From Michelle Malkin:

Dear Michelle, Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I worked in the Automotive Industry for most of my career as a supplier to GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda of America, Toyota, Nissan, and BMW.

You were exactly right with your comments on Fox & Friends this morning. The UAW has handcuffed GM, Ford, and Chrysler with unreasonable and unrealistic burdens. Their balance sheets will never improve until they shed this weight.

There is another aspect affecting their business and is not being talked about in the media very much.

Having dealt directly with all current domestic automobile manufacturers, there is a distinct difference in how the Big 3 do business with their suppliers as compared to Honda, Toyota, and other foreign automotive assemblers. Toyota, Honda, and Nissan in particular want to make sure they are entering a partnership that insures financial success to all parties.

GM’s business practices generally lead to no profit, tremendous oversight by their internal supplier quality watchdogs, who demand unrealistic expectations, and extremely slow payment in the reimbursement of tooling costs to start new programs. It is not unusual to see reimbursement for tooling costs years after the program has started.

Their business practices are not a tax payer problem, but a terrible management problem. It was a noble idea for the Federal Government to lend them $25 billion to help. It is now known 4 X’s that amount will not cure the root cause of the problem., but only buy them 4 X’s the amount of time.

I do believe that unions served a purpose in their beginning when manufacturing in America was increasing and abuse and expoitation of workers was widespread, but times have changed, but the unions have not. They have become nothing more then Greedy political arms that do nothing to represent the workers but simply that of their own.  I believe Unions have outlived their purpose and that they need to go the way of the Carrier Pigeon and become extinct before American Manufacturing and the American Manufacturing worker do!

3 responses to “How Unions Killed The American Auto Industry

  1. In response to your out cry about how unions are choking the autmotive industry I ask for some clarity on the subject. For instance I myself work for an import company and have no union ties but there are many many injustices I see happening at my dealership from the technicians stand point as well as others. If you are familiar with flat rate (or flat rape as I call it) that is what every tech as been placed on, which in all fairness makes sense economics wise, however the addition of extra responsabilites without pay or compensation? For instance, we were normally paid for 99 point inspections and are now told to do them without getting paid; we have been reduced to $10.00 flat to inspect new vehicles even though there are manufacturer specified times for these inspections; we are told to stay open to close reguardless of business flow – even when it is dead – without any gurantee of some minimal payment. I’m not sure what kind of justice a union could bring to us but it seems like these are very unfit business practices posed against us and I could see a union being able to ratify them. Case in point, unions have a very legitimate place in the auto industry.

  2. Your joking…right? Mecahnics (there are very few if any technicians at any dealership) are ignorant thieves. They throw parts at a vehicle hoping by luck that maybe that will fix the problem. They sell unneccesary repairs to the uneducated and generally rape the general public. They deserve flat rate. I had hourly mechanics for 15 years due to union leadership. Talk about lazy, lazy, lazy butchers. Every vehicle they touched was an abortion and usually a comeback. Thanks to the economy…and no small part they’re ridiculous collective bargaining I closed the joint. Good you jerks. You held out for over $34 an hour? Now your all fired. Great job! Enjoy

  3. Actually, salaried workers killed the auto industry. Why is it that you people NEVER talk about the MANAGMENT that really killed the auto industry. Blind hatred and ignorance works well for union haters.

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