Gay Mafia Demands America Bend Over To Their Demands

Since when does such a minute minority in America have such a big voice?  I thought that a MAJORITY of VOTERS told the Gay Mafia a resounding “NO” in a recent ballot proposal in the land of Fruits and Nuts (California)?

From Michelle Malkin:


The mainstream media have so far failed to get across the intensity of the ordeal that supporters of Prop 8 may now be subject to–something I realized on coming across this extraordinary blog account of a meeting at the legendary restaurant El Coyote in Hollywood, not far from where I grew up in Laurel Canyon. The meeting was between the elderly Mormon owner, who donated $100 to support Prop 8, and Prop 8 opponents, who are threatening a boycott, and it is as soul- grinding as something out of Soviet show trial history.

Personally, I feel that the Butt Pirates deserve to be as miserable as the rest of us, it just pisses me off that someone gave these schmucks too much power over the lives of NORMAL Americans.  If they want to smoke the baloney pony in the privacy of their own bedroom, then I don’t give a rats ass, but somehow their lifestyle is now being indoctrinated to our children.

I know many bloggers have seen the Zombie Time Pics the level of Deparavity with the mass sex orgy on the streets of San Franfreako.  Since when do Heterosexuals engage in a mass orgy on the streets?  How the hell is this even considered normal?  I just don’t understand for the life of me how the Gay Mafia became so powerful. 

Ok, it’s time to give the Gay Mafia rights.  Let’s start here. 10% of a gallon of Vaseline, now get back in the closet!

4 responses to “Gay Mafia Demands America Bend Over To Their Demands

  1. Every time I see a gay and/or lesbian demonstration or march, I see signs saying “Stop the hate” and “Stop the bigotry” as well as other signs declaring yes-on- proposition 8 supporters as anti-gay. Hatred, bigotry and anti-gay discrimination have nothing to do with banning gay marriage. Marriage has already been defined as the union between a man and a woman. Gays and lesbians somehow think that they have a fundamental right to be joined together through the institution of marriage. I’m not aware of that fundamental right. Gay and lesbian unions are a wonderful thing for that particular community, but they will need to come up with another type of ceremonial union, since marriage is already taken. The voters have spoken, (TWICE). It’s done. Get over it!!

  2. I saw those pictures-absolutely filthy and disgusting-I stopped visiting San Fran in the 70s because of the overt sexual acts I witnessed

  3. You are totally a douche bag, you of all people should let gay people alone being jewish. Jewish have been the cause of all this worlds problems since 1948 not gay people. If we eliminate the zionists and israel then the world would be a better place

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