My Hiatus

After the let down of the election, I just have not been in the blogging mood.  Of course, I cannot resist the comedic approach to fucking with our new Overlord, Barack Hussein Obama.  I am sure that in the future, we who refuse to slurp the koolaid at the fountain of O will certainly need reasons to smile and laugh.  I think that I’m going to take yet another week away to catch my breath and hide my money before Obama starts redistributing it to the pregnant crack whores.

I am by the way still seeking opinionated assholes much like myself to contribute to the blog.  Let me know if your interested.  Would prefer a Jewish person but would consider someone goyish but must be right wing conservative, no RINO’s.  Twisted sense of humor a plus.

2 responses to “My Hiatus

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  2. I’m interested. Not a jew, but I grew up in Skokie. The first girl’s panties-second too-I ever got see were on a beautiful jewish girl. My best friend is a jew, who now lives in Israel. And I’ve been there for a great visit in the mid 90s although Israelis are the the biggest litterbugs, bar none, I have ever seen.

    Let me know-

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