School Renamed For The Obamessiah

A sign that the times are “Changing”.

A school has been named for The Chosen One.

Like Barack Obama‘s campaign, the plan to rename a Hempstead school after the president-elect was “a remarkable grassroots approach,” the district superintendent said Friday.

At a meeting Thursday night, the five-member Hempstead school board voted unanimously to rename one of its schools Barack Obama Elementary School, said Superintendent Joseph Laria.

The change was effective immediately, although the district does not have a new sign yet. The school, formerly called Ludlum Elementary School, is on William Street in Hempstead.

Doug Powers has a pretty good idea what the new sign will look like….

sign5I’m quite sure that Students will not be required to present Birth Certificates to enroll, and the words “Uh”, “errr” and “Um” will be accepted forms of the english language when a teleprompter is not readily available and the word “JOBS” will be considered a 3 letter word.

My own little creation………………

Created by The Rogue Jew

Created by The Rogue Jew

The new principle will probably be William Ayers.

H/T Michelle Malkin

One response to “School Renamed For The Obamessiah

  1. to hear that they are renaming the school. I went to Hempstead schools years ago. Sounds like a very good improvement!

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