14 responses to “muslim-kiss

  1. Muslims aren’t like that , even am not a Muslim , but its great religion . and its not like that at all even that religion doesn’t let you have sex if you aren’t married with that guy . it also dont let you to do drugs or drink or lie or steal or gossip about others it just don’t let you do bad stuff
    so Abdul fuckaboy dont speak of the name of the Muslims cuz you aren’t one you are just a bad one looking to make war between people cuz of religions
    all the religions have the same goal : and it s believing in one god , and theres no difference between .
    this pic is fake everyone can tell if he looks at it close .
    islam dont let you to have sex with with out marriage so how the hell are you saying that its saying okay to do sex with children .

  2. maldito como pueden hacer eso triple hijueputa viejo carechimba,a un niño!!!!! ushh como me gustaria romperle la cara arrugada y fea que tiene y lo que mas puteria me da es que se esta comiendo a un niñito,viejo gran guevon tan malparido y tan pervertido,comete tus bolas mas bien!!!!!!

  3. This group called Shia and those people aren’t relate to Islam at all. those how want to make Islam cover to do their bizarre activities(Adultery , killing real Muslims ,Terrorism and destroy the image of islam ) they exploits poor and weak people their main goal is distort Islam and differentiate Muslims. they come from Iran and they are Persians and they grudge islam because the Islam came and destroy their Empire.Most of them can’t talk Arabic and can’t read Holy Quran So how can they be Muslims??!!.

  4. Islam allows Muslims to lie, not only allows but demands it to conquer the world. Read the book. If you disagree, you’re a liar because it says it in black and white. The Christian Bible does not demand we kill Muslims but it should.

  5. May Allah bless u all that protect my religion Islam, and i hope My Lord Allah give a guidance for all of u that not like us.

  6. May God bless all of you who protect my religion Islam, and I hope my Lord God to give guidance for all who do not like us.

  7. He is not a real muslim, the real muslim is not like that. like other religion that have any sect, and this is the bad one from iran.

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