Obama Soda- Change You Can Drink!

Jones Soda is the latest company worshiping at the Alter of The Almighty Obamessiah with their latest flavor, Orange (You Glad for Change) Cola.  The beverage “has a light citrus flavor that makes this cola one of a kind.” The bottles also feature a photo of the Moonbat Messiah.

Kool Aid Flavored

Kool Aid Flavored

From Hot Air:

That may have Pepsi seeing Mountain Dew Red, since they’re sponsoring a big inaugural ball for Obama.  They’ve also sent their CEO, Indra Nooyi, to an Obama dinner this week that focused on foreign policy, presumably to discuss trade issues.

At least Jones has made this relatively accessible for the little people.  They’re only charging $15 for a six-pack of the Orange You Glad For Change Cola, or $24 for a cost-saving twelve-pack.

I think that it should be Purple Kool Aid flavored in honor of the 21st century version of Jim Jones.  For those who have yet to slurp the kool aid at the Fountain of O, Try Marxist Soda, a governement forced refreshment.

I just HOPE you have the CHANGE to afford this shit!

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