Vell, they call me Pascobear…

Some months ago, I was sitting on the curb in the drizzle, having a bad day.    A car pulled up along side me, and the driver rolled down his window.  

“Bear! ” he called, “do you need help?” 

“I could use a ride,”  I told him.  He opened the door and I hopped in, but not until he had thrown a jacket over the rich Corinthian leather.

“Sorry”  I muttered,  “but I have been sitting in the rain crying.”   I dabbed at my damp fur with napkins from McDonald’s.

“So sorry,”  he said,  “Have you lost a loved one?  Or have you taken a beating in the stock market?”

“No,”  I replied,   ” I was watching the presidential debates.”    He looked puzzled, so I continued.

“My friend,  do you fly your own plane?”   He nodded.  

“If you crashed your plane, how many people would you take out?  You and a passenger?  Several people on the ground, if you were not lucky? ”  He nodded again.

“You had a lot of training, a lot of studying, lots of tests, no?  You did not just get behind the whatever and start flying that plane, eh?

My new acquaintance glanced over at me.

“I was watching the presidential debates, and since I am in finance,  I realize listening to this Obama and this McCain,  that they are both CLUELESS about the economy and one of them is going to be president.  This is like flying a huge 747 with 300 million Americans on board, and the pilot has a new license and the instruction manual in one hand and the throttle of the plane in the other.    Send me Lee Iacocca, send me  Jack Welch, send me Meg Whitman, send me Carly Fiorina, send me SOMEONE who has actually run a company, someone who knows money does not grow on trees.  Someone who knows that if the government doesn’t have enough money, it isn’t because taxes need to be raised, it is because the government is SPENDING TOO MUCH!!!!”

“Let me introduce myself,”  said my driver companion,    “I am known as the Rogue Jew, and I spend my life writing what people need to understand.”   

“I am Pascobear,”  I relied,  “the ‘bear’ part the English translation of my Hebrew name.”

“That’s funny,”  he said,  “you don’t look Jewish.”

We stopped at an Irish pub and had a brew.   I told him Michelle had just written something fascinating.

“Michelle Obama?”  he asked.

“Heavens, no!  Michelle MALKIN!…The only reason I read Michelle Obama’s college thingy was because I was doing 85 mph in Alabama.”

“You lost me.”

I continued,  “I went to court and to teach me a lesson, the judge gave me a choice: pay a big fine and write a book report on Michelle Obama’s college dissertation, or go to jail.   So I got to about the 19th page  of the dissertation and phoned the judge.  I asked him ‘Excuse me, your honor, but…how much jail time were we talking here?’ ”

The bottom line is,  the original Rogue Jew has invited me, Pascobear, to contribute to this blog.  My sincere thanks.  As I mentioned earlier, I have a financial background, taught school briefly, have owned several successful businesses.   By occupation, I am a daytrader.  The two areas which I am most passionate about are the financial and idealogical direction of this, our beloved country, and the threat of Islam fanaticism, which goes unreported in the mainstream media worldwide.    For your homework,  read “America Alone” by Mark Steyn, and by Robert Spencer.

As a child I personally knew two survivors of the concentration camps in Germany.   They had numbers tattooed on their arms.  They never talked about the horrors of their experiences. My grandmom, til she died in her late 90’s, kept in contact with relatives who had stayed behind suffering in Galicia.  We  learned about the evils of totalitarianism.  I have heard the stories, studied the pictures.     We were taught  “every Jew should have a valid passport, ready cash and a gun.”

If you have been paying any attention at all, you will have taken note of the Muslim protesters in Ft.  Lauderdale shouting “Go back to the oven.”   This is not an isolated incident.   It is time for Americans, Jewish or not, to say,  “This will not stand.”

Shalom.    Pascobear.

One response to “Vell, they call me Pascobear…

  1. Great Post! I am very impressed. I see you even linked to Jihad Watch. Keep it up! Remember, post as often as you like. Whatever inspires or pisses you off, express it here. I cannot wait to see what you write next!

    Give us more, O Emperor!

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