God Damn America, He’s Back!

Looks like the Moonbat Messiah’s wacky pastor has climbed out from under the bus he was thrown under and has resurfaced at Howard University in Washington to give a sermon in which it sounds like him and the Obamessiah have made peace since President Elect HopeNChange abandoned him for what was quite obviously political reasons as a way to attract those Bitter Americans who cling to Religion and (Gasp) Guns.

From Michelle Malkin:

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright may have made his peace with the former parishioner he once suggested turned on him for political gain, President-elect Barack Obama, but in an exclusive interview, he showed he’s still furious with the media, who he called “evil,” and said he’s “not going to kiss anybody’s behind.”

In a sermon today at Howard University’s chapel in Washington, Wright used Obama’s life as an example to show how despite challenges as a nation, the country can build a better future.

“He was able to do what nobody of African decent was ever able to do in the 211-year history of this country. … The Lord stepped into his story and gave him a new attitude,” he said.

It was a completely different scene from Wright’s defiant appearance at the National Press Club in April. Gone was any hint of anger directed at Obama for denouncing his more controversial sermons and statements, which became fodder for Obama’s critics during the presidential campaign.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News following the service, Wright showed some of that same fire when he lashed out at the network for breaking the story of his inflammatory sermons, saying he was “not going to kiss anybody’s behind.”

Wright was visibly angry when speaking about the press, and in particular ABC News, which first presented a “Good Morning America” story about Wright’s sermons.

“It was so unfair to my family and ended up hurting my daughter and it was unconscionable,” he said. “ABC started a mess that was unconscionable.”

Anyone who did not see this coming is a fool.  It won’t be long and terrorist Bill Ayers will probably be vacationing in the Lincoln Bedroom.  Now that the Messiah has risen to new heights of power, all those flung under the bus will come crawling back like the rats that they are and will be welcomed with open arms by Pastor Jim Jones the Moonbat Messiah Barack Husseien Obama, hallowed be his name! (sarc)

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