Quick thoughts on inauguration

Since the stock market is closed today, I have the luxury of watching the TV coverage of BHO ad nauseum.

This morning, Don King the fight promoter was on Fox and Friends. He commented that tomorrow, a baby will be born, a baby named ‘Hope Freedom.’ Well, Don, I can see the Hope part, but have my doubts about Freedom. BHO sort of stands for a lot of things, but freedom is not one of them. I do not recall hearing the word ‘freedom’ once during Obama’s campaigning. I will be counting the number of times it is used tomorrow in the inaugural address.

Obama was showing us how public-service-minded he is by painting a wall in a Washington DC home for kids this morning. I was especially impressed by his holding a paint roller in a $700 custom-tailored dress shirt. (Just guessing at the price of the shirt, after all…but have you seen the price of custom-made clothes recently?)

Tomorrow’s inauguration will indeed be the most joyful event in the lives of many Americans. When Obama accepted the nomination, TV cameras panned the audience at the Dem convention. I saw elderly black women with tears of unspeakable joy running down their faces. What a wonderful moment. I only wish that the man they voted for stood for traditional American values, not socialist ones.

I can see how many Americans get carried away by Obamamania. They don’t look any further for information than Katie Couric or the local newspaper. They really don’t know what Obama stands for. Someone asked me if I wanted Obama to fail. I replied that I do not want to see his ideas succeed. I don’t hate him. Look at Michelle Obama. She is gracious and pretty. But when she made the ‘first time I’ve been proud of America’ commment, my fuzzy bear ears flattened against my head. Danger warning! This is not the woman I would want to see in the White House as First Lady. That is not hatred. It is self-preservation.

One response to “Quick thoughts on inauguration

  1. Obama brings nothing to the table except rhetoric and promises he cannot keep. The very same socialist ideas he has have been tried and failed in the past, what in the hell makes anyone think that they will work this time?

    Tomorrow while everyone is caught up in the Obamapalooza mania and slurping the kool aid from the ever flowing fountain of O, I will be at work because someone has to pay for all of this Hope & Change that the Moonbat Messiah is going to miraculously bring us when he ascends from the heavens on his unicorn and walks across water for his Coronation.

    Gird your loins hell…..More like sew your f*cking pockets shut!

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