Thank You President Bush For Your Service To Our Country

I didn’t always agree with you, but most importantly you kept us safe by delivering the message to Islamic Terrorists that any attack on our nation would be met with all of the might of our Armed Forces and  superior firepower.  You had faith in us as a nation, faith in Freedom, and despite strong opposition from a fanatical Liberal Left, you stood your ground.  You put country before yourself.  For that I am grateful.


For your tax cuts by entrusting the American people to decide what to do with their own money rather then giving it to government to decide, my wallet and my wife thanks you.

And mostly for being a great friend to the Jewish State of Israel and Jews everywhere.  Your ideas for peace in Israel were not the greatest, but your heart was in the right place.

Throughout your presidency, Americans have saw a man with unfailing modesty, strong character, decency, moral clarity and class. He was as consistently gracious to his critics as they were consistently rude and full of hatred. He never wavered in distinguishing good from evil and freedom from tyranny, or, as he explained in his second inaugural, “the moral choice between oppression, which is always wrong, and freedom, which is eternally right.”

When the new year arrived on Jan 1, 2009, President Bush said to the nation, “As my time in office comes to a close, I thank the American people for trusting me with the honor of serving our great country. It has been a tremendous privilege.”

For these things and many more Mr. President, you have my heartfelt gratitude.  May G-d bless you and your family President Bush.

The Rogue Jew

6 responses to “Thank You President Bush For Your Service To Our Country

  1. This is the year when we will make and implement all the major long term decisions that are going to safeguard and equip Britain properly for the future.

  2. Sorry, buddy, but I’m one of those who hates the corrupt, evil son of a bitch. He’s not only wrecked our nation and made Obama not just a possibility but a certainty, he’s also wrecked the world.

    Ours and the worlds economy is in tatters. It’s still in the process of collapse. 500,000 lined up for unemployment in December alone in the US alone. That’s just ONE MONTH. His legacy is the worst record of unemployment since WWII. His legacy is all our manufacturing lost to China. His legacy is over 30 million illegal aliens wrecking America. His legacy is the certain collapse of Mexico by drug cartels and a flood of another 30 million Mexicans over our unprotected borders. His legacy was gasoline at $4.10 a gallon, his legacy is the rise of Wahabbist Islam in the United States, funded by the Saudis. The list just goes on and on and on.

    George W. Bush is an evil man who has destroyed his country and wiped out its treasury for the profit of his family and friends.

  3. The world is as you see it to those who project their own shit on Bush. History wil prove all you assholes wrong. Bush is not an evil man and never was. he kept us safe from terrorist acttack . That is no small feat.

  4. Wow, Rostaman, been smokin’ too mucha dat ganjaweed?

    Former President Bush is a convenient scapegoat thanks to the media, but you need to do some research before shooting off what we will henceforth refer to as “your fool mouth.”

    1) Bush didn’t create this credit crunch. He tried to put a stop to irresponsible lending practices in 2003 and 2006. Congress, some Republicans included, stonewalled him both times.

    2) We didn’t lose our manufacturing to China as a result of Bush’s policies. Take a look at California as an example. Rampant taxation on businesses in irresponsible laws that make it more difficult for businesses to operate cause those businesses to pack up and leave. California’s businesses are leaving for Nevada, America’s are leaving for China and Mexico. Again, this was created by irresponsible democrat taxation, not Bush’s policies.

    3) Bush also didn’t cause the instability in our economy. He was blamed for the price of gas hitting $4.60. Guess what? When he took office to 2006 the price of gas rose a mere 54 cents. If you look at a graph of the price of gas, however, you’ll find that it started climbing about six weeks after Nancy Pelosi and crowd took office in a democrat majority of Congress.

    If you want to lay blame, start with Clinton– or go back even further and look at Carter– or you might consider looking at Kennedy, who backed down at the Bay of Pigs and got us into the Cuban Missile crisis because Kruschev was CONVINCED that Kennedy would back down again.

    Or you might go all the way back to Woodie Wilson and his incompetent meddling in WWI that laid the foundation for Hitler and Stalin to take office.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around– and most of it should be spread over democrat shoulders. Of course, no one in the MSM is going to do so, which means YOU have the responsibility to educate YOURSELF before firing off your blame at Former President Bush.

  5. I think Bush was the most slandered President in American History. It was absolutely horrifying to see the obama supporters booing Bush today.. What low class filth. And Obama allowed it.

    Bush had the worst decisions in history to make, and he was brave in what he did. There was really no way to anticipate many of the problems, and the democrats withheld troops until we suffered, and only then did they approve of the surge. Then they slandered Bush to the world. What snakes they are. And who are they to talk about consipacies, when getting a muslim non-citizen into the white house knowing full well he was not even an american. They do not care about law. They are mutineers. I do not look forward to the next 4 years.

  6. You Bush lovers have your heads so far up your asses you look like human donuts. That’s why all you can see is your own crap.

    Then can you maybe see that his departure has been applauded by every single nation on Earth? Does that register? Gee, do you suppose there might be a reason for that?

    George Bush is a Right-Wing Liberal who spent our treasury and plunged us hugely into debt to enrich Blackwell, Blackwater and Halliburton, whose bosses/owners are family friends. He paid them $trillions of our money. To secure Iraq’s oil rights. Oh, you didn’t know that the Bush’s are an Oil Family?

    Headline: “Bush returns to friendly faces in hometown of Midland”. Midland Oil Company, one of the first and oldest.

    Get your heads out of your asses and look around at the real world.

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