Obama is President

In his speech, President Obama said that we are a nation of “Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus…” To my liberal Jewish friends, please note that in his speech, he put Muslims before Jews. Get used to it, friends. It wasn’t an accident.

3 responses to “Obama is President

  1. Did he scratch his nose with his middle finger while taking the oath? Did anyone notice if perhaps his fingers were crossed while being sworn in? I don’t suspect for a minute he will keep to the oath taken. His socialist agenda will take America down a dark path and as a Jew in America, I’m not feeling so warm and welcomed anymore in the Country that my wife and I were born in. I suspect that Jews will be thrown into the backseat and muslims will be given special protected status for as we all know, they are the Religion of Peace, right?

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  3. I did see that he scratched his nose with his middle finger. Teachers do it a lot on days where kids are particularly out of line.
    I’m not expecting government sponsored pogroms like you are suggesting. I think those pro-Palestinian rallies will get more violent and we will have a David Dinkins situation where police will stand there and let Jews be assaulted. Make Aliyah a serious consideration.

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