What Happened?

Well lets see…..


The Moonbat Messiah ascended to his throne today with all the glitz and hoopla that made an upper east side Bar Mitzvah look like a simple keggar.  So far as I can see, the seas didn’t part, muslims were still killing people in the name of Allah, Hamas is still calling for the Destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, Iran is still building nukes, and the stock markets plunged on word that the Messiah had risen.  There were no rainbows or gum drops and lollypops raining down.  Just simply Global warming a bleak and cold ass day at work.

Cliche Count From Michelle Malkin:

“Amazing peaceful transition of power:” 1,009

“First black president in American history:” 957

“We are witnessing history:” 576

“This is Barack Obama’s moment:” 322

“The world is watching:” 214

“My leg is tingling beyond all control:” 2

Where is all this miraculous Hope & Change that was to usher us all on a rainbow of peace and love in this messianic era of politics?

I feel like I’ve been used.  The only tingling thrill going up my leg right now is because my dog is humping it.

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