Barack Obama Get His Ass Kicked By Ronald Reagan And American Idol

The numbers are in for yesterdays Coronation of the Moonbat Messiah and it looks like the Anointed One Barack Hussein Obama had his ass handed to him by Ronald Reagan 41,800,260 to 37,793,008.  He was even second fiddle to American Idol which has been suffering from poor ratings in the last couple of seasons.

From The Briefing Room:

Although TV viewing figures for Obama’s inauguration were better than they have been for some time, at 29.2% of US households they were well down on Ronald Reagan’s 1981 performance which drew a 37.4 share.

Obama’s coverage ran second to American Idol.

I guess Americans had better things to do, like watch NCIS or even reruns of Cosby then watch that 170 million dollar circle jerk.

Perhaps there is HOPE!

2 responses to “Barack Obama Get His Ass Kicked By Ronald Reagan And American Idol

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  2. Not to rain on the Reagan Parade, but if the gauging of popularity is a number to stand with, there should be the inclusive of internet data.

    Nielsen ratings, for all of its glory, does not extend the reach onto the net. Reagan’s era preceded this development, true. But back then, Cable TV was not as diverse, or had as many as channels or shows to divert the attention away from the day’s biggest political event.

    Obama’s era is in a dif. time. TV news viewership is declining all across the board until this election cycle, which MSNBC, CNN, and FOX enjoyed great boosts.

    Consider also, the highest number of people showing on the National Mall, which was previously unbroken since the days of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech. That number alone gauges the greatest interest in Obama versus Reagan. Why? It actually takes more effort for people to show up, especially the average people, given the declining economy and everyone’s tightening their budget belt. Watching TV or reading the Net news sources, it turns out, is the easiest of all, therefore speaks very little to actual raw interest.

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