Top Ten Left Wing Media Inauguration Moments

Or should they be forever known as, Barack Hussein Obama’s personal Ball Scrubbers?  I believe if Obama told Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman to “Suck My Dick!” the two of them would fall to their knees faster then Ted Kennedy after a bottle of scotch and fight each other to the death for a chance to “Service” the Moonbat messiah.

Here is a taste from the MRC website:

1. Honor of Our Lifetimes’ for All Left-Wing MSNBC Anchor Team
Abandoning any pretense of balance, MSNBC’s Inauguration coverage will be quad-anchored by four left-wingers: the network’s three night time hosts — Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow — plus regular analyst Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post. has finaPlugging the team at the end of the 7 PM EST Hardball on Monday night, Matthews trumpeted how “this is one of the great opportunities in journalism to cover history in the face” and declared “it’s going to be the honor of our lifetimes.”

2. And Obama Shall Bring Tranquility to the Land…
Is there anything President-elect Barack Obama’s very aura cannot make better? Apparently, he has eliminated road rage — and even honking. ABC’s David Muir, over video of stuck traffic followed by the sound of singing, in a Monday World News story on the crowds coming to Washington, DC: “So many of the streets are closed those that are open are clogged. But there were no car horns, no shouting. Instead, the San Francisco Boys and Girls choruses practicing for their Inaugural moment on the steps of the Capitol.”

3. Woman on MSNBC Exclaims ‘Santa Claus Loves’ Obama
Never mind how Barack Obama will magically bring “diversity,” “excellence” and “unity” to America, “Santa Claus” loves the incoming administration. Seconds before 5 PM EST Monday afternoon on MSNBC, anchor Tamron Hall asked a woman in the crowd around MSNBC’s platform on Washington’s Mall: “What do you think this next administration brings to the country?” The woman, wearing a Santa Claus hat more than three weeks after Christmas, excitedly replied: “I think they bring diversity. I think they bring a spirit of excellence. I think they bring unity and they bring love. Santa Claus loves them.”

They’re worse then a bunch of teenagers the way they fall over themselves over this unproven, inexperienced lacky for George Soros.  MSNBC should have a XXX rating before Matthews, Olberman, and Maddow felate themselves before their Pimp/Savior.

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