Former Nazi Youth Forgives Holocaust Denier

benedict-2It seems to be the “IN” thing in today’s world…Mass murdering Islamic Terrorists are given a platform and their crimes ignored while the Jewish people are once again being targeted for extinction with the left handed blessing of government and now it would seem that the Roman Catholic Church is once again embracing it’s anti semitic roots.

Pope Benedict XVI who himself was once a member of Hitler’s Nazi Youth is turning back the clock on Catholic/Jewish relations by reinstating a ex communicated Bishop who like the Iranian Midget of Mayhem is a Holocaust Denier and the pontif is defending this schmuck and his decision.

From Bloomberg.Com

Jan. 26 (Bloomberg) — The Vatican defended Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to reinstate a bishop who denies the Nazi Holocaust occurred.

Richard Williamson, 68, was among four bishops who were excommunicated in 1988 by John Paul II, Benedict’s predecessor, because they had been consecrated without papal permission by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the Society of Pius X that opposed the reforms of the Second Vatican council.

Benedict’s decision to revoke the excommunication 20 years later has sparked controversy because it coincides with comments made by the ultra-conservative Williamson about the genocide of Jews by the Nazis during World War II. The two events are “absolutely unrelated” and the pope doesn’t share Williamson’s views, said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

“The historical evidence is hugely against 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy by Adolf Hitler,” Williamson said in a November interview that was aired this month on Swedish television.

I left the Catholic Church over ten years ago and became a Jew 7 years ago after being raised in a Catholic home with a Catholic School education.  ( I will add that I was never, ever an alter boy).  I never felt at home with the faith of my birth.  My grandmother was born in Germany with a very common Jewish name, I have always wondered if before her birth, many generations before if her family was not “Forced” to convert to the Catholic faith under threat of harm as was common many, many years ago.

Hitler must be so proud of his former student.

2 responses to “Former Nazi Youth Forgives Holocaust Denier

  1. This article is Catholic bigotry at its finest. The reinstatement of this particular person had nothing to do with the comment, and everything to do with a squabble and a chance at reconcilliation with a specific group of Catholics.

    Excommunnication is a penalty in the Church that has specific meaning. It is given for a specific offiense, after much discussion and many procedures; it is not something that can be done at the drop of a hat. Conversely, an excommunication is automatically lifted if the person excommuicated is publicly contrite for the error in which they were excommunicated. In this case, Williamson was excommunicated for specific violations of Catholic dogma after being given numerous chances to repent of those errors. He declined, and was therefore excommunicated. His reinstatement is due to his publicly changing his views and admitting his error, and is perscribed by Catholic Cannon Law. The statement about the Holocaust can have no impact on this excommunication because it is unrelated to the original offense.

    Benedict has been a champion of Jewish relations his entire adult life. TO harp on his unfortunate stint in the Hitler Youth (of which people were pretty much compelled to be a part of, and of which he probably had very little choice) is unfortunate and insulting to Catholics everywhere.

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