The Naked Moonbat Messiah

Jeezus H Christ, what is it with the moonbats and their pictures of their messiah naked on a unicorn?


And of course this one of the Lord and Savior slaying the evil Conservative Rush Limbaugh and snatching away the Golden EIB microphone…


And of course, the Moonbat Messiah cannot play second fiddle to a real hero who was also a military pilot, so the artist couldn’t resist somehow including Obama in saving the Plane that landed in the Hudson River.


I think the Obamamania has reached Cult like levels.  It has even infected people close to me, like my mother who has fallen head over heels in love with the Obamessiah and swears to G-d above that he is the alpha and the omega.

2 responses to “The Naked Moonbat Messiah

  1. Did you ever comment on a lefty blog? Some nasty, nasty Obama lovin’ psychos out there. They don’t want to hear facts or common sense. They can get very abusive-unless of course they just delete your comment, which happens quite often.

  2. WOW!! Your own Mom!! OMGoodness. Wow- TERRIFYING! My mom said “we need to PRAY for our new leader”
    WTF! WTF!!! WHERE does it say in the Word of G-d ANYWHERE to “pray’ for EVIL to succeed??
    If you want a place to get in a nasty argument, go to YouTube, and go to that Pastor Mannings videos, they dont delete anything, I LOVE IT, LOVE IT- of course the phoney JOKERMANS people come out in the droves and tell you they are going to ‘report you’ No sh*t either.

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