Octuplet Idiocy

A California woman, Nadya Suleman, gave birth to octuplets last week. She was impregnated by in vitro fertilization. The eight newborns join their six older siblings, mother and grandparents in a three-bedroom house. One article described the unwed mother as having a pathological need to conceive. Well, call me a hard-hearted cynic, but I think she decided to carry out this stunt (yes, stunt) in order to make the headlines and gather in all the goodies…you know what I mean–some good-hearted person would donate a nice, new big house, and friends and relatives would come over and take shifts caring for the infants. Companies would donate diapers and formula, baby food and cribs. Some magazine would pay millions for the exclusive right to follow the babies’ first years…Hey, anyone out there ever hear of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? I am not just talking money here. But wait, let’s talk money for a moment. You have a husband, the two of you want to raise fourteen kids, mazel tov. You pay for it, I don’t care. For those who say we have too many mouths to feed in this country already, I say as long as the government keeps bringing in tens of thousands of Somali immigrants who burden our public assistance programs, I can’t get exercised about Americans who have a dozen kids and pay for these kids themselves. As far as the social aspect…These kids have no father. This irresponsible asshole has brought fourteen children into the world for her own selfish gratification. Who is going to teach the boys to be men? No father around. Hey lady, did you ever give a thought to what was right for the children? What kind of life are they going to have with no dad and a moron mother? Freaking pathetic. Sounds judgmental? Good. It’s time people started saying “This isn’t right.”

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