The Golden Turd: 3 Republicans Help Obama Shove It Down Our Throats


Three Republican Senators Collins, Snowe, and that shit stain Specter have as predicted, turned their backs on Conservatives and are siding with the Spendacrats and their Moonbat Messiah on this enormous spending bill that stimulates only the wallets of Washington insiders and does absofreakinglutely nothing for the economy.

From Michelle Malkin:

The full, cave-in “compromise” porkulus amendment of GOP Sens. Collins, Specter, and Snowe finally arrived in my inbox tonight at 11:14pm Eastern.

So, your representatives of the “most deliberative body in the world” have barely a day to digest and debate the 778-page legislative text before rushing to vote on cloture Monday evening.

Like Dave Ramsey says: “Desperate always reap stupid.”

I sincerely hope the new RNC Chairman Michael Steele drafts a letter and declares these three Turd Chasers “Persona Non Grata”.  Time to reclaim the GOP and for them to turn their backs on the assholes that have turned their backs on the Conservative Majority of the GOP.

In the end, we as Americans will be fucked with not even the courtesy of lube, a kiss, or a reacharound.

H/T to Michelle Malkin for staying on top of this crap sandwhich.

2 responses to “The Golden Turd: 3 Republicans Help Obama Shove It Down Our Throats

  1. You have unequivocally nailed it! I preicted that these three RINOs would fall into line as per usual. When fighting for principle, the pragmatic prevaricator will always opt to sh*t his/her bloomers and run in the wrong direction.

    It was bad enough that Little Georgie Porgie-boy Bush stuck in his thumb and instead of pulling out a plum hit the economic panic alarm and provoked the dastardly first bailout agenda with no controls built in as his sellout to Wall Street and the Fed.

    Was nobody paying attention when the bell for the second round rang?

    Now The False Messiah, a walking advertisement for why Harvard should be immediately, if not sooner, burnt to the ground…co-ops his own prattle of Hope and Change and trumps it with admonitions to “catastrophe” and “dire consequences”. And the huddled Oba-maniacal masses chorused AMEN.

    How dumb are these afflicted Oba-maniac people? Hell! Even the media has finally got wise to him. An ill-fitting Empty Suit, no more…, no less!

    My only suggestion is to rename the award The Fools’ Gold Turdpile.

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