It’s A Miracle! All Praises To The Moonbat Messiah

The Pope of Washington D.C.....The Messiah!

The Pope of Washington D.C.....The Messiah!

Can I get an AMEN brotha?

It’s simply a miracle, a miracle I tell ya…The Moonbat Messiah Barack Hussein Obama speaks and a burger flipper at McDonalds gets a job as a left wing journalist/baseball announcer, and an old lady who fell victim to the Democrats Mortgage scam and was forclosed on her home, receives a new house.  Obama clearly is more powerful then, well ……Muhammad?  LoL

‘Thank you, Lord Jesus!’ Excited young man lands job — for a day — after asking Obama a question

Turning Water into wine(Thuderbird), healing the sick (unless your old and already used your rations),  and walking across water (I’m sure Obama is the miracle on the Hudson and not that pilot guy who flew a fighter jet…how unLiberal)  are sure to happen next.

I listened to that 19 yr old kid on tv this morning when the Leftards at ABC GMA were fussing over him.  Personally, I thought he sounded like an idiot and couldn’t answer a question without sounding like a love struck teenager over his Miraculous Moment with the Obamessiah.

It’s easy to see that the ones who voted for the most inept, inexperienced, incompetent (Sorry Jimmy) President in history were clearly voting with their hands out and their heads up their asses.

Are you feeling stimulated?  Me?  I feel I’ve been screwed without the courtesy of lube, a kiss or even a reacharound!  I’m girding my loins!

My prediction….Epic Fail!

H/T Michelle Malkin

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