Epic Google Fail

Epic Google Fail!

Epic Google Fail!

Go to Google.Com and type in…..

Obama Failure:  Results 1 10 of about 22,900,000 for obama failure. (0.17 seconds)

Bush Failure:  Results 1 10 of about 13,300,000 for bush failure. (0.10 seconds)

Less then 30 days into what is going to be a long 4 years and the Moonbat Messiah has already surpassed Bush as an Epic Failure!

I’m gonna need more popcorn!

6 responses to “Epic Google Fail

  1. @nikki3 – he would have done something productive, you tool. And please define awesome. If you mean “putting our country in un-payable tax debt for the next 50 years and taxing those who choose to work to pay those who refuse to” then you are precisely what is wrong with the American voter. Uniformed and unable to see what is actually happening in our country… before I am called a racist, please note that I am African American and a Muslim. This is a perfect example of a neo-socialist agenda that is de-fleecing my beloved country. Did I vote for McCain? No. Do I regret that? Yes. Why? I should have voted for someone who truly loves our country and who’s agenda was to REMOVE lobbyists from our government.

    Facepalm indeed nikki3.

  2. “Putting our country in an un-payable tax debt for the next 50 years” Hm… Funny how we were in the green when Clinton was president, then Bush put us DEEP in the red, but it’s the Bush supporters saying they want less spending. Try not contradicting yourselves once in a while, Republicans?

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