Ironic Change: Moonbats And Their Money Are Soon Parted!

Ironic Change

Ironic Change

I really have to throw my “Two Cents” worth in on this one!  It’s just way to irresistible!

I know you all have seen the Montel Williams infomercial of him peddling those absurd coins with the image of the Obamessiah on them.  My wife thought it would be a good idea if we ordered some for my mother who’s lost her mind.  I of course refused to do so because I simply will not enable my mom’s loony behavior and adoration over the Moonbat Messiah.

Well for any of you that were dumb enough to order these coins, I’ve got some sobering news for you…..There worthless!  They are nothing more then regular American coinst with a sticker of the Obamessiah on them them!


So you got yourself one of those widely advertised Obama coins from Franklin Mint that’s covered in 24-carat gold and depicts the president-elect. With it came a “certificate of authenticity,” signed by the 36th director of the U.S. Mint, Jay W. Johnson. The good news: The coin, priced at $9.95, has guaranteed monetary value.

The bad: That guaranteed value is only 50 cents.

Also, although Johnson is a real person, he hasn’t been director of the U.S. Mint since 2001. And your total cost is more than double the advertised $9.95. Confusion over Obama commemorative coins — issued not only by Franklin Mint but also several other private companies — has become so widespread that the U.S. Mint has issued an alert. “These items are not official United States Mint products,” says the statement. The coins from Franklin Mint are real Kennedy half dollars upon which an image of the president-elect is superimposed. But the U.S. Mint wants you to know, in no uncertain terms, that the agency had nothing to do with the altering or marketing. Its statement continues: “Furthermore, these products, businesses and advertisements are not approved, endorsed, sponsored or authorized by the United States Mint, the Department of the Treasury or the United States government.”

What’s the IRONY in all this you ask?  A Fake Messiah elected President under Fake Credentials, that just about everything about Obama is a FAKE and the Currency bearing his image is as FAKE as he is!

Talk about getting short changed!

More from KTBS:

Her collection of presidential coins is impressive and something Tanya Thomas takes great pride in. Her latest purchase, though, has left her feelingshort-changed.

She paid The National Collectors’ Mint a pretty penny for four Barack Obama coins, But she thought $75 was a small price to pay to add the 44th president to her collection. That is until her daughter brought them home after show and tell at school.

“The whole front comes off. Its just a sticker stuck on top of a regular quarter or regular Kennedy half dollar. Its just a Barack Obama sticker stuck on top”, says Thomas.

While Thomas wasn’t familiar with the National Collectors Mint out of New York, the Better Business Bureau is.

The coin dealer has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB, because theres been a pattern of complaints and the business has not taken action to correct them.

The web-based rip off report also lists countless stories of deception. Thomas says shes called the mint nearly a dozen times herself–to no avail. Our call to the National Collectors Mint wasn’t returned, either.

As for the two-dollars worth of coins she paid big bucks for? They won’t be going in this collection–maybe just a coke machine.

In 2005, the mint was ordered by the New York State Supreme Court to pay penalties for misleading consumers about its Freedom Tower silver dollar. The company claimed the U.S. government endorsed the coin to commemorate the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

This is nothing short of a reminder of the fact that Obama is a Two -Bit Hack and we’re really getting what they paid for.

Fools Moonbats and their Money Are Soon Parted!

2 responses to “Ironic Change: Moonbats And Their Money Are Soon Parted!

  1. At last, something I can laugh about, wholeheartedly !
    There’ll be causes for laughter ahead, I’m afraid, but none so delightful.
    3 years from now we’ll be shaking our heads at the idyllic world we lost.

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