Failed President Offers Future Failed President Support

Breaking News

The one President with one of the worst economic track records, the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Biggest Failure as a President, Jimmy Carter gave Obama his official Oky Doky on his Spending Spree he called a “Stimulus”.

From The Associated WIth Terrorists Press:

ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter has voiced support for President Barack Obama’s plan to stimulate the economy.

Carter says he has “full confidence” in Obama’s proposal and expects it will take about six months for the economy to begin improving.

Can’t you just smell the days of 21% Prime Interest rates all over again?  Before Obama get’s done with tax increases to pay for all this shit, we’ll be working for “Peanuts”.

From what I understand, Rev Jim Jones had high approval ratings right up to the very end, and like the Moonbat Messiah, he promised to nourish everybody and take care of them right up to the bitter end.

How bout a trip down memory lane………


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