Hey, this stupid speech pre-empted “The Mentalist”…

Well, Obama is still preaching to us peasants. I tivo’d the speech, figuring I would count the cliches, but decided he isn’t worth it.

Is there anything in our lives that he is not going to build, buy, tax, cure or revamp? I watched him smile and schmooze, I watched all the dems pat themselves on the back and appaud the messiah and themselves. I realized that the Republican party is way deeper in the tank of oblivion than I previously thought. I watched Obama talk and thought, “Gee, too bad he isn’t a conservative.” But the problem is, like strict parents, a conservative politician has to tell constituents that they cannot have everything they want, that some things are bad for them. Here’s where we lose. Since FDR, the self-reliance of America has been eroded by handouts from pols (mostly dems, but republicans too). Once a welfare program starts, we all know it doesn’t go away, it just gets bigger. So 65 million voters went for the party of more spending. What chance do we have? There is an answer, which I will write in my next post. There are tens of millions of conservatives in this country who see things differently. However, there are tens of millions of people who do not look past the rhetoric. These are the ones who will start seeing things differently when the next pile of you know what hits the fan….

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