On Behalf Of America, I Apologize To England That Our President Is Such A Putz!

As a life long American who loves this country with all of his heart, I would like to offer our friends on the other side of the pond a sincere apology for the inconsiderate actions of President Barack Hussein Obama for treating our oldest and most loyal ally so poorly when PM Gordon Brown visited our country recently.

Please understand that Barack Hussein Obama is a self centered, narcissistic schmuck who has no class, and shares his lack thereof with his equally self centered bride (of Frankenstein).

Though I would not blame you for turning our back on us, please see it in your heart to forgive us as a nation and remember that if the Messiah continues on the path he’s taken thus far, he will only be president for 4 yrs instead of 8 dreadful years.

Obama The Putz 

3 responses to “On Behalf Of America, I Apologize To England That Our President Is Such A Putz!

  1. This is great, Rogue- just great. I will pass this around in paltalk where I chat. Obama is a bastard son of a whore. THATS A FACT too!
    See my blog today, you’ll like it.. tee hee.. a twist on womens lingerie.

  2. HA HA.. You know David Ben Moshe from the JTF.ORG?? He is my fiance, and he said the lingerie post was brilliant… ha ha ha- THAT was NOT what I was trying to do!

    You know that SICKO Frank Weltner that Schmuck? I had a HUGE fight with him on YouTube- his famous quote is: “Shut your fat JEW trap” just like that- AS IF it bothers me…. and I told him: “shut your fat GOY trap!”

    The animal went NUTS! HA HA It was great. All of these Atheists were helping me- it was TOO funny 😉

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