Happy St. O’Bama’s Day!

holiday obama

While the rest of us are struggling to pay the bills, the Moonbat Messiah, St. O’Bama is partying like it’s Sept 10, 2001 in the White House celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the publics dime.

The Politico 44

A White House aide tells POLITICO44 that Obama (O’Bama?) will be hosting two St. Patrick’s Day bashes …

… at the White House Tuesday night.
The theme at the WH will be green all day. Starting at the top o the morning–or more like 11a.m. — Obama and Joe Biden will meet with the Taoiseach of Ireland in the Oval Office. A little while later, they’ll attend a Shamrock Ceremony in the Roosevelt Room.
After meeting with the Northern Ireland officials, Obama will travel to the Capitol where he will deliver remarks at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s St. Paddy’s Day lunch.

I can’t wait to see the party Obama and his friends throw to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance day.


2 responses to “Happy St. O’Bama’s Day!

  1. Yeah RIGHT! These crazy insane people act like he is the Messiah!! WHAT FREAKS! They follow this stupid schmuck around like he is a dam king- it is RIDICULOUS! Celebrate AWAY you Kenyan Usurping EXCREMENT

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