Movie Trailer: Brothers At War

A movie that shows the good side of the war in Iraq.  The side that Obama and his friends don’t want you to know about.  I wish the douchebags in Hollyweird made movies like this again.  Movies that make you stand up and say, “America, fuck yeah!”

Brothers At War is an intimate portrait of an American family during a turbulent time. Director Jake Rademacher sets out to understand the experience, sacrifice, and motivation of his two military brothers serving in Iraq. The film follows Jake’s exploits as he risks everything—including his life—to tell his brothers’ story. Brothers At War is a rare look at the bonds and service of our soldiers on the frontlines and the profound effects their service has on the loved ones they leave behind.

For more information please visit:

Now showing in Washington, D.C.; Chicago, IL.; Warrenville, IL; Arlington, VA; Columbus, GA; Fayetteville, NC; and Jacksonville; NC.

Opening soon in Akron, OH; Cleveland, OH; Augusta, GA; Clarksville, TN; Dayton, OH; Decatur, IL; Killeen, TX; Monterey, CA; Newport News, VA; Norfolk, VA; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA; Savannah, GA; and Tacoma, WA.

3 responses to “Movie Trailer: Brothers At War

  1. منتدى عراقي اخبار عراقيه دوليه صور حوادث تقارير
    اغاني عراقيه ودبكات كرديه و اشوريه كل ماهو جديد على ياعراق البيت العراقي
    حيث لا للطائفيه مكان اهلا في في التجمع العراقي
    مرحبا بكم في موقع و منتديات ياعراق
    مواضيع عامـه
    كل حــصري وجديد
    كل مثير و غريــب
    قصص وحكـايات من واقعــنا اليـــومي
    قصص تقشعر لها الابدان
    صور لاتفوتك صور مشاهير صور لم ترها من قبل
    تجــد كل مـايفيدك هنـا ايضا
    لاتتـردد بزيــارتنـا

  2. here is the Cast

    * Mahmoud Hamid Ali as Himself
    * Edward Allier as Himself
    * Zack Corke as Himself
    * Danelle Fields as Herself
    * Ben Fisher as Himself
    * Kevin Keniston as Himself
    * Frank McCann as Himself
    * Brandon ‘Mongo’ Phillips as Himself
    * Claus Rademacher as Himself
    * Isaac Rademacher as Himself
    * Jake Rademacher as Himself
    * Jenny Rademacher as Herself
    * Joseph Rademacher as Himself
    * Robert Smallwood as Himself

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