Message To Barack Hussein Obama

Our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama earlier this week denounced his own country and gave a long winded apology to the world on behalf of America…

I would like to add that Barack Hussein Obama may speak for his liberal leftist cronies, but he does not, I repeat…He Does Not Speak for me!

I don’t think the Thugs, Dicktastors, and Despots of every turd world country deserves anything, let alone an apology from America. 

Obama insulted me and our allies with his speech.

I would like to send Barack Obama and Judeo/Christian Hating friends a message from me and you can quote me on this……


4 responses to “Message To Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Regardless of how you feel about how Obama addresses the rest of the world, you should take a look at your own country. Our organized crime system has more thugs than anywhere else, there are plenty of “dicktasters” all over our country (especially in politics), and our economy collapse almost reduced us to a “turd world” country causing more people here to be “despots” than ever before. Perhaps he was apologizing for America allowing ourselves to become this messed up.


  2. my name is spencer cardenas i am 10 years my mom my dad is divorc i have a brother thats 3 why are you talking about walmart my mom isnt working now you help my mom do work

  3. Oboma has no right to speak to our troops, he is the biggest pussy in the united states, and all his democratic cry babies are right along after him… They are destroying the country. The people of the United states have to stand up and do something… if we dont- its over………I can not stand Oboma- he is a Muslim , he said in his book Dreams of my father, that he would never turn from his muslim faith- I think he should be impeached for putting our troops in harms way, I think he should be impeached with Palosi and all the gang for bankruptting the US.. All he wants to do is blame blame blame . There is a lot of blame to go around. but he is doing nothing but hurting us worse… Holder is also a Pussy- to bring the terrorist here to be tried……………A mercians need to stand up and fight ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fight fight… it will come to that eventually- antarchy will happen because of what the idots are doing in Washington… Oboma is a weak weak president. He doesnt have the experience or the balls to make any decisions for this country. To even stand up in front of our troops, when the women in the military have more balls than he does.. give me a break!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We should be apologizing for the murders of so many worldwide in defense of nothing but our own green and that of the zionist masters. What a watse… of life, money… What is Jewish about israel anyway? Funny my torah must not have that hate all arabs chapter… where is that?

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