Community Organizer VS Real American Hero

Empty Headed Empty Suit


Real American Hero

The empty headed empty suit unfortunately will be the likely winner and real heroes and true leaders will come out the losers.  Obama’s failure to lead and a lack of desire to win will bring about the death of many American Soldiers.

5 responses to “Community Organizer VS Real American Hero

  1. Ben Hoffman, are you friggin SERIOUS? “Insubordination?” Really. Explain that. Obama should be IMPEACHED, hung, then his balls chopped off, you are a little puss yourself, you make me SICK.

  2. Ben writes on his blog of bullshite:
    Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives.
    My version:
    Liberals endorse fag marriage, they are pro-decapitation of babies, they love our enemies, hang our allies out to dry, vote in a MOSLEM 8 years after 9/11, believe along with the sick, pathetic scum-bag, Obama that “America is one of the largest Moslem populations IN THE WORLD.” Good at giving away OUR $, love deficit spending for ILLEGALS, free health-care for aliens, open-borders, they believe in ousting, and demonizing the Constitution of the USA, and hate Christians.
    Yeah, thats ‘pro-American’ BEN.

  3. I like how Ben has on his blog, “Personal attacks on writers and commenters of this blog are prohibited.” But he attacks others. Hmmm. Wus can dish it out but can’t take it back. A true liberal.

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