Barack Obama’s Mother Wins Adult Video News Award

Chairman Zero, still flying high for winning an award he did not earn is rumored to be planning a trip on Air Farce One to accept an AVN Adult Video News Award posthumously for his mother for Best Retro MILF…..

Remember this Dear Leader….


Mamma Obama showin off dat booty!

Barack Obama and his Momma

Barack Obama and his Momma

Next up…The Heisman Trophy?

8 responses to “Barack Obama’s Mother Wins Adult Video News Award

  1. Wow, you don’t like Obama, do you? The ad-homs, the bitter writing style. You’ve got a chip on your shoulder.

    Fair enough: everyone has a right to their opinion. But why did you put up a photo of Marcy Moore, the famous 1950s pinup model, in one of her well-known shoots, and claim it was his mother? That’s an outright lie.

    Is the rest of your blog this inaccurate? I can only presume so, so I’ll move along, now.

  2. Whatever gave you that idea? What would make you think in the slightest that I can’t stand the schmuck in chief? Could it be the fact that he is leading this country backwards and has his head so far up his ass, you’d have to reach up his ass and grab this idiot by his big floppy ears to pull it out? Is that what makes you think I don’t like Obama? Damn your quick for a dumbass!

  3. This phony photo posting just shows what a racist tea bagging wing-nut jew-boy you really are. Your dumass worm level brain couldn’t fit in the end of the rubber your unknown dad should have worn the day you were conceived. It’s un American numb nuts like you should be removed from and media source and sent back to Palestine where your commie rhetoric can be welcomed by those stupid enough to believe it.

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