Another Dim Bulb…

I saw this waste of sperm on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  I was  losing my mind as I  watched the governor of Michigan with the worst state economy in the entire nation arguing with the governor of one of the most economicaly stable state governments in the country.

Jennifer Granholm Woodpecker Personally, I have more use for tits on a boar hog then I have for this useless fucktard!

2 responses to “Another Dim Bulb…

  1. Granholm. What more is there to say? I love this state so much even she can’t drive me from it. Rather I’d like to see her leave. Before her term is up. Longer she stays gov the more damage she does.

    Her entire time as governor she has continually told us that higher taxes and more taxes will reduce/eliminate the state’s debt.

    Yeah right.

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