Little Green Goofballs

I know that I’m the last one to jump on the “Fuck with Chuck” bandwagon,  but I still had to have a little fun with the leader of the Lizard Army and his band of Schmucks.

Little Green Goofballs

And now of course with his hard turn to the Left and his credibility as a Blogger has done a full swan dive header into the toilet, I can picture him as the Winner of the 2009 Darwin Award…..

Leader of Little Green Goofballs

This G-dless freak of nature who has embraced Darwinism would be the perfect winner of the Darwin Award based solely on the definition of the Award itself.

From the Urban Dictionary Definition of "Darwin Award":

The Darwin Award is a fictional award which is given out to people who commit acts of utter stupidity that often involve their own injury or even death. The name is derived from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (survival of the fittest), since the winners of the Darwin award aren’t expected to survive long enough or remain capable of propagating their own hereditary stupidity. Some people attempt to win the Darwin award, however this is risky since if you don’t get first place, you’re just a dumbass with nothing to show for it but a hefty hospital bill and possibly funeral costs.

I use to follow Charles and was a registered member of his Lizard Army, till he started attacking Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and virtually everyone who didn’t share his opinion.  He literally morphed into what he use to poke fun at.  Now he is not only the butt of the joke within the Rightwing Blogosphere, he is in every essence the Asshole.

….Much like Keith Olberdouche and Tingles, Johnson has become another knob polishing cock holster for the Democratic Party. Instead of Evolving his blog, he jumped the evolutionary shark and de-evolved into a Drooling Liberal Fudge Pacing Weener.

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