The Hero & The Zero

Thank G-d this brave woman was nearby when the Islamic Terrorist began his attack on our Soldiers….

The Hero She managed to cap the Muslim Terrorist before he was able to cause even more death and destruction despite her getting shot multiple times.  She truly is a Hero.

And I would like to give a shout out to Chairman Zero who’s total lack of tact and dignity in the face of a tragic attack against American Citizens makes him come out as a huge douchebag shadowed only by the Islamoturd that killed 13 Americans…..This one’s for you Asshole……

Chairman Zero

I really have more use for tits on a bull then I do for Barack Hussein Obama.  Truly he will go down in history as an Epic Failure surpassing even Jimmy Carter.


One response to “The Hero & The Zero

  1. Barack Obama is a douchebag, yes, but what did you expect from him? I mean, the guy affirmative-actionned his way to Harvard, and became president, not because he was a good candidate, but because people were fed up with the GOP, and also because the people of the U.S. thought the elction of the first Black president would open a new era… But a new era of what?

    Now that Mister Hot-Air has been in office for about a year, people find that he doesn’t necessarily deliver on his promises… And Barack himself, now realises that making big smiles isn’t good enough to govern a huge high tech country like America.

    He will probably be a one-termer. or at least, I sincerely hope so.

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