Barack Obama Ass Wipe

He already has his head up his ass, I guess it was the obvious next step for the Ass Wipe In Chief. 

ass wipe in chief H/T The crew over at Weasel Zippers

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6 responses to “Barack Obama Ass Wipe

  1. We also have a President who gives “shout outs” How pathetic that this pres can act like a cheerleader, we want a leader, he obviously does not qualify.

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    Yep, presidential shout-outs are lame.

    I saw B.O.T.P. on thesibylspeaks and came up with this assessment:

    BOTP: Like Obama himself, it’s weak and unable to accomplish the job. It is unable to clean up crap that it claims was left behind by the previous roll of toilet paper. When you purchase the roll, you hope that it will change the region for the better, but instead, it adds more crap to the current problem.

    Obama and Obama toilet paper: I would not trust either to wipe my butt.

  4. This bozo is not qualified to clean up dog shit; he would probably snack on it if he got the chance. And that would be the end of Willie Clinton.

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