Barack Obama Takes It In The Ass Again

Jeezus H Fuckin Christ, what is this schmucks problem?  He flies around the world so he can bow to other world leaders while behind his back they are laughing their asses off at Obama because of his desire to be gang raped by Despots, Dictators, Thugs and Terrorists.

While in Japan, he displayed his bitch like demeanor when he bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko upon arriving at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Saturday.

Bitch In contrast, a real man former Vice President Dick Cheney never bowed in the presence of the Japanese Emperor.

Alpha Male

Those close to Obama have reported though that the only cocks sucked by Barack Hussein Obama belong to  Michelle Obama and George Soros, the others he only holds in his mouth and fondles their balls enviously simply because Bill Clinton told him it’s not sex if holds the cock in his mouth, only if he sucks on it…Rahm Emanuel confirmed this for President Bitch Obama.

UPDATE: I just received word that the Obama camp is rather upset about being labled as being always on the receiving end or “Catcher” of the Cock, they would like to make it known that he does at time chose to be on the giving end or “Pitcher” but only when Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman cum over to play with Obama.

3 responses to “Barack Obama Takes It In The Ass Again

  1. dude, you’re the biggest fucking faggot i have ever seen. you literally make me feel embarrased to be the same species as you. at least no one will ever care what you write or think or feel until you die before they invent age prolonging technology.

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