Obama Plays Golf While Four More Soldiers Die In Afghanistan

While President Obama was out playing his 25th round of golf since becoming the our Clueless Leader, four more American Soldiers died in Afghanistan. 

Clueless Leader

Fox News -  Four U.S. service members were killed in the past 24 hours in Afghanistan, NATO forces said Monday.

Three of the Americans died in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, the statement said. Two of them were killed by a bomb attack and the third in a separate firefight.

The military said the fourth U.S. service member died in the east Monday in a bomb explosion.

The deaths bring the number of Americans killed in Afghanistan in November to 15. October was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in the eight-year war, with 58 dead.

Why would anyone expect this Narcissistic Sphinctard to take time out of his busy day of playing golf and getting jacked off by the twin Cum Dumpsters of MSNBC Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews to pull his big eared head out of his ass and make a decision to support our troops and send in the fucking reinforcements so that we can kick the goat shit out of the goat fucking Taliban?  After all, the soldiers are nothing more then second class citizens and photo ops for this self centered asshole butt munch who calls himself POTUS.

Just when I think this douchebag has demonstrated complete lack of class, he takes low class into new depths.  President Bush was far more of a class act then this cum bubbling ass blossom.

And while he’s at it bowing down to all these overseas leaders, Obama can bow down and kiss my fucking hairy ass too.  Much like the Asian leaders who see him as the weak fuck that he is for it, I already have that opinion so plant them money makers right here bitch, I’ll even let ya kiss the left ass cheek to keep it on your leftist side of the street fuckbrain.

I know all you liberal bed wetters out their are already screaming that I’m a racist for the things I say about President Dumbfuck, but let it be known, I think the white half of Obama is as if not more retarded then his black half….So stick that up your ass and smoke it!


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