Perez Hilton: Ass Baby

One of the sleaziest people in Hollywood has decided to pick a fight with Texas girl, Jessica Simpson…

From The Examiner

Blogger Perez Hilton is not exactly known for his friendly posts on celebrities, instead he often lambasts them, makes up nicknames, and draws on their photos.  In the past he has needled the Simpson family quite a bit, including Jessica, her younger sister Ashlee (whom Hilton calls "Asslee"), Pete Wentz, and now little Bronx Simpson Wentz, Ashlee and Pete’s son.

Bronx celebrated his first birthday, and Hilton blogged crudely about the child and Ashlee.  Jessica Simpson, who has faced ridicule and criticism for her behavior and appearance in the recent past, took to her Twitter to fire back at Hilton.  She tweeted, "Does perez hilton..whatever his name really is..have no heart at all?Don’t ever attack my family again.Sad to know u hate so deeply.Sad 4 U."

Now personally, I think Jessica Simpson is both Beautiful and Classy and any piece of shit that fucks with Jessica Simpson deserves to be kicked by a mule in his Mangina. 

Ass Baby

2 responses to “Perez Hilton: Ass Baby

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  2. This disgusting slug is jealous, because he wishes he was Jessica Simpson. She is pretty, he is ugly. He has a fettish now, for going after very beautiful women.
    I hope this skank’s blog server blows up, CHANGE we can belive in.
    I hate this damned CRUMB-fag.

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