7 responses to “osama_obama

  1. 4 real. u can telll dis pic aint even real. yall crackerz need 2 stop hatin on da man. so wat if he BLACKk???????? yeah i said it BLACK!!!!!! man u need 2 respect him not degrate him.

  2. Why is everything that is said against obama considered racist? You never here anyone say that its racist when a black guy says something about a white president. But when someone says something about obama its automatically considered racist. That shows who really looks at color. So tyler i think your a racist.

  3. I could give two shits whether the man is black or fucking purple…What I don’t like is his policies! I despised Clinton for the same reason. I see no color in the man, only that he is a socialist POS that needs to GO! 2012 will be his end, much like Jimmy Carter before him, he will see utter defeat…Not because of color, but because of lack of substance and total lack of regard for the American Constitution and the people who live by it!

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